Games Clash Masters Fantasy Tips

The next tier of CS:GO teams make up the initial stages of the Games Clash Masters. We delve deeper into the gamers that should make your fantasy roster.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
19th Sep, 2019·☕️ 3 min read

Kaike “Kscerato” Cerato (20,700, Furia Esports)

One of Furia’s most important players, Kscerato has single-handedly carried his team in several tournaments. He’s an offensive beast, averaging 0.76 kills per round (he has played over 10,000 rounds). Of his 7994 kills, more than half of those have been headshots (52%). But that’s not the only reason for his efficiency. He also averages just 0.56 deaths per round, which gives him an astonishingly-high K/D ratio of 1.35. A must-have in this slate.

Can “Xantares” Dortkardes (20,620), BIG)

For an esport like CS:GO, a gamer aged 24 is likely to have immense experience. Xantares has played nearly 1000 maps (981), over 25,000 rounds (25,414) and has more than 20,000 kills (21,848). That’s a player that has enough experience to pull out during any stage of a crunch game. Xantares has one of the highest kills per round in professional CS:GO (0.86), but he also averages 0.70 deaths per round. That comes with the territory though.

Yuri “Yuurih” Santos (19,800, Furia)

Yuurih and Kscerato are two of the most powerful offensive weapons for Furia. Yuurih averages 0.79 kills per round. In total, he has more than 10,000 kills in 12,988 rounds of CS:GO. Considering he averages nearly 300 picklebet fantasy points per game, his price of 19,800 credits is also reasonable, when it comes to a ROI debate. He also helps his teammates out a fair bit, averaging 0.16 assists per round.

Karol “Rallen” Rodowicz (20,120, Aristocracy)

In this Aristocracy team, Rallen is relied on often, not just because of his experience but also because he is a steady, solid player under duress. That’s evident through his deaths per round (0.66). That figure might look high, but considering he has played several high-quality opponents, it’s fairly impressive. He has 23,646 kills in over 32,000 rounds of CS:GO action too.

Jacek “Minise” Jeziak (18,120, Aristocracy)

The advantage in this roster is that there is an option to choose five quality players at around the average mean per player. That means that even after taking four strong offensive players, you can add players like Minise at a salary tag of 18,120 credits. Minise averages 244 picklebet fantasy points per game, built on consistent offense. In over 35,000 rounds, he has over 25,000 kills.

Total cost of the above five players = 99,360


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