Games Clash Masters Betting tips - September 20th

Syman Gaming have replaced Avangar at the Games Clash Masters. How does that impact the selections for your bet slip from the initial round of games? Take a look.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
19th Sep, 2019·☕️ 3 min read

Dreameaters v Syman Gaming

Dreameaters (1.55)

Avangar’s late pull-out from the Games Clash Masters offers Syman Gaming an opportunity to flex their muscle against the second tier of CS:GO teams. One of them, Dreameaters, will not be too displeased with the change of opposition, considering Avangar’s sensational recent form.

Gamer for gamer, it may look like Syman’s individual numbers are rather impressive. However, the quality of opponent is a significant factor too. Dreameaters, ranked 18 in the world, have played some fantastic teams recently. That experience will hold them in good stead for this contest.

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BIG v Furia Esports

Furia Esports (1.93)

BIG have been in tearaway form of late. They’ve razed their way past Avangar and Forze in best-of-three matches in a fine run that saw them win their previous five matches on the bounce. However, the all-Brazilian roster of Furia is no pushover. Kscerato and Yuurih have been in terrific offensive form in the last few months. Together, they average 0.77 kills per round in the last three months, with around 0.60 deaths per round. Furia are also ranked 13 in the world, compared to BIG’s ranking of 22.

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Ago Gaming v Illuminar Gaming

Illuminar Gaming (1.49)

There is a big gulf between these two teams in more than one match-up. Illuminar have even beaten Avangar 2-0 in their recent run. Ago, ranked no. 167 in the world, don’t have the same experience or quality to rely on. Stomp and Innocent will lead this Illuminar team against a roster that doesn’t have enough offensive depth.

Apart from Mirage, in which they have a win rate of 12% over eight maps, Illuminar have the edge in all other maps. In Inferno, Illuminar have a win rate of 62% in eight maps, while Ago have won just 25% of their four attempts.

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Featured Bet: Aristocracy v Sprout

Featured Match
Aristocracy (1.99)VSSprout (1.73)

Aristocracy (1.99)

These two teams are relatively even, in terms of rankings and quality. Therefore, let’s take a look at the difference in form. While Aristocracy have won their last two matches, Sprout have lost their previous four games, all best-of-three contests. That’s a discernible difference between these two.

Aristocracy also have the edge in Dust2 (a win rate of 40% over five maps), Mirage (a win rate of 56% over nine maps) and Train (a win rate of 71% over seven maps). They also have a 67% win rate in Vertigo, in case they need experience there.


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