Federal Election: ScoMo v Albo Odds & Preview
Federal Election: ScoMo v Albo Odds & Preview

ScoMo and Albo will go head-to-head in the 2022 Federal Election on Saturday, May 21.

Author: Matthew Keogh
Matthew Keogh
Communications Manager
17th May, 22·☕️ 3 min read

Scott Morrison (Liberal) has been in power since 2018, but on May 21 that could all change with Anthony Albanese (Labor) contesting him for the highest position in Australian politics.

However, many Australians feel like choosing between ScoMo and Albo is like choosing between a punch in the face and a kick in the nuts - they’re both bad options.

The 2022 Federal Election at a glance

Who: Scott Morrison (LIB) v Anthony Albanese (ALP)
When: May 21, 2022
Vote structure: Parliamentary system
How ScoMo wins: The Coalition must offset any losses with seat gains elsewhere
How Albo wins: Labor needs to gain 7 seats to form majority government
Where to watch: Sky News, the ABC and other major Free-to-air channels incl. Seven and Nine
Finish time: May 21, sometime in the evening.

2022 Federal Election Odds

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The 2022 Australian Federal Election

On May 21 every disenchanted Australian will give up their Saturday morning to line up, swat away party volunteers handing out brochures and apathetically cast their vote.

While national polls show Labor (Albo) ahead of the Liberals (ScoMo) and cruising to a comfortable victory, many pundits believe the contest is neck and neck.

Let’s take a closer look.


Why Scott Morrison will win

Although everyone sees right through him, there’s a common adage that says ‘It’s better the devil you know’.

And there’s a teflon element to Morrison. He’s had many mis-steps throughout he’s tenure (Holidaying in Hawaii during the 2020 Bushfires and bungling the COVID vaccines, to name a few) but has still managed to make the election close.

Plus, the tagline ‘It won’t be easy under Albanese’ is catchy.

ScoMo’s platform (According to liberal.org.au)

  • More jobs, with unemployment below 4%
  • Tax relief for workers and small businesses
  • Record investment in health and other essential services
  • Better roads and cleaner energy
  • Stronger defence, borders and security

Why Anthony Albanese will win

Is Anthony Albanese Australia’s Joe Biden? Meaning it’s not that voters like him, they’ve just had enough of the alternative.

Also, the Bookies heavily favour Albo, so that should count for something.

Albo’s platform (According to alp.org.au)

  • Strengthen Medicare by making it easier to see the doctor
  • Create secure local jobs by investing in Fee-Free TAFE and more university places, and make your job more secure with better pay and conditions
  • Make child care cheaper so that it’s easier for working families to get ahead
  • Make more things here in Australia by working with businesses to invest in manufacturing and renewables to create more Australian jobs

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