DreamHack Summer 2019

The worlds largest computer festival is back with another edition of DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden with a huge $100,000 prize pool.

Valentin Gustafsson
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11th Jun, 2019·☕️☕️ 8 min read

One of the oldest competitions in CS:GO returns, as DreamHack Open Summer is set to start in Jönköping, Sweden. Will AVANGAR or CR4ZY take home the bacon or will we see an upset from a Scandinavian team? Find out as we break down the format as well as all of the teams in the competition.

Competition Information

DreamHack is one of the oldest tournament organizers in Counter-Strike and now they are back with another edition of DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden — the world’s largest computer festival. The CS:GO tournament will have a total prize pool of $100,000 and will feature eight teams, just like at DreamHack Open Tours and DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro earlier in the year.

There are no surprises in terms of the format either. The eight teams have been split up in two groups of four and will battle through a GSL group stage where the opening and winners matches are best-of-one, while the elimination and decider matches are best-of-three. The playoffs will feature a single-elimination bracket and all of the matches will be best-of-three.

At last year’s event, Valiance took down OpTic in the finals to hoist the trophy in Jönköping. Both teams will be back again for this year’s tournament, however, there have been plenty of changes made to the rosters since then and Valiance now goes under the name of CR4ZY.

The Current Season

CR4ZY stats

Valiance just announced that they will be rebranding to CR4ZY. However, the team which includes the likes of huNter, nexa and EspiranTo remains the same. EspiranTo and nexa won this tournament together back in 2018 under the banner of Imperial and they will now be hoping to replicate that success in 2019. CR4ZY (Valiance) have plenty of high placings in 2019, including a win at United Masters League. Their most recent showing was at DreamHack Open Tours, where they finished in 2nd place after losing to mousesports in the final. With plenty of solid results in 2019, CR4ZY will be coming in as one of the favorites to win the event alongside AVANGAR.

avangar stats

AVANGAR will be hoping to add another trophy to their cabinet in 2019 with a win at DreamHack Summer. Much like CR4ZY, AVANGAR have had plenty of high placings in 2019, most notably winning DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro in April — a tournament in which they defeated the likes of FURIA and Valiance to hoist the trophy in Brazil. The win now looks far more impressive considering FURIA’s recent success and the Kazakh side will likely be among the odds on favorites to win the whole thing.

optic stats

OpTic have made plenty of changes through the year and it seems as if we might see yet another change made to the team as TeSeS has been playing for the team instead of Snappi in recent online matches. The 18-year old has plied his trade on Danish teams in the lower tiers such as Reason, Squared and most recently; GoldenGitte. TeSeS was a standout player on most of these teams, however, his first matches under the OpTic banner have been far from successful. At the writing of this article, it is still unknown whether or not TeSeS will be traveling with the team to DreamHack Summer. OpTic have plenty of tactical prowess on their roster under the leadership of MSL, however, they are gonna need big performances from k0nfig and refrezh in particular if they want to go all the way in Jönköping.

aristocracy stats

Aristocracy, previously known as and Kinguin, will be making their DreamHack Summer debut. The Polish team picked up dycha in place of reatz at the start of the year, however, the core of TaZ, MINISE, mouz and rallen have been together for over a year now. Their biggest win together came at DreamHack Open Montreal in late 2018, where they took down ENCE in the final. At the time, they were in a good run of form with wins against teams like Windigo, Imperial, Ghost and TyLoo but since then they have not had any notable results to speak of. Most of their success has come domestically and they are currently ranked 2nd in the Polish rankings after rivals AGO.

winstrike stats

Winstrike have made some roster changes recently, trading Boombl4 to NaVi for the seasoned veteran, Edward, who will be taking over the role of in-game leader for the team. In addition, they have chosen to let go of WorldEdit in favor of the Russian AWPer, El1an. The team now has a good mixture of youth and experience with veterans like bondik and Edward as well as rising talents like n0rb3r7 and El1an. However, there is no doubt that the loss of Boombl4 will be a hard pill to swallow for the CIS side.

tricked stats

Tricked, led by Hunden, the grandfather of Danish CSGO — will be making their DreamHack Summer debut. Hunden is often mocked due to his poor statistical output, but there is no doubt that the veteran has a lot of tactical knowledge. Aleksib of ENCE recently mentioned in an interview that one of their best strategies had been taken from Hunden. The Danish in-game leader has now put together a team of young players hoping to cause some upsets in their neighboring country of Sweden. Tricked will be counted out by many but they have looked good since they added the former Fragsters player, Bubzskij, back in March and anyone that chooses to underestimate them could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

ancient stats

Ancient made it through the Swedish qualifiers for the event and most notably features the former fnatic and NiP AWPer, draken. The roster was formed after the organization Red Reserve closed down earlier in the year and is essentially a mixture of players from Red Reserve and x6tence Galaxy. A player to keep an eye on will be Plopski. The former x6tence Galaxy rifler has been hailed as one of the biggest talents in Sweden and so far he has been living up to his reputation as he is currently leading the way in terms of statistical output for the team. There is plenty of skill on this Ancient roster but their weakness lies in the lack of leadership which has been a continuous issue in the Swedish scene as a whole.

chaos ec stats

Chaos EC, formerly known as Japaleno, will be the big underdog of the competition. The Swedish side has been around for a long time now, with most of the roster having played together since 2017. They have very few notable achievements to speak of during that stretch. Their best performance was perhaps under the banner of Red Reserve in 2017 when they had 2nd place finishes at GeForce Cup and DreamHack Open Valencia. At DreamHack Open Valencia, they defeated the likes of NRG, Heroic and CLG en route to the final where NiP proved to be too much to handle. The match versus CLG was particularly amusing, as they went on to win in overtime after one of the biggest defuse fails in CS:GO history (see link). However, djL was the coach for the team at this time so only FREDDyFROG and Relexa from the current team played at this tournament. The twin duo has always been dangerous in the lower tiers of professional CS:GO and they also have two solid aimers in PlesseN and Bååten, however, they will have a hard time getting out of a difficult group which includes CR4ZY, OpTic and Ancient — three teams that have had their number in recent online games.

Betting Tips

These DreamHack Open events tend to provide some good betting opportunities. I think CR4ZY and AVANGAR are the two clear favorites, and if I’d had to make a pick from the top of the board I’d simply grab whoever is offered at the longest number — which at this point in time is AVANGAR. The last two times they have met, AVANGAR have been on the winning side of the equation which makes them an interesting pick at the longer odds.

Tournaments like these tend to be a decent spot for those looking to take a stab on an underdog. There is far more volatility at this level of play and as such upsets are a bit more likely, especially in BO1s which there will be a minimum of two of in each group. I personally like Tricked to make it out of Group A as the underdog. The Danes are on a bit of an upswing in the last two months and I like the potential of players like b0RUP and Bubzskij combined with the tactical know-how of Hunden. In Group B, the oddsmakers are currently flirting with some very long odds on the two Swedish teams. Ancient are particularly interesting. However, they face arguably the strongest team in terms of individual skill in the competition in the shape of CR4ZY, as well as perhaps the most tactically sound team in OpTic with MSL at the helm, which makes them a less attractive option. However, I still wouldn’t rule out an upset, with Ancient having the higher upside of the two teams.


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