DreamHack Open Tours 2019

DreamHack Open will be coming to Tours, France for the fifth time since it started back in 2015

Valentin Gustafsson
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9th May, 2019·☕️ 7 min read

DreamHack Open will be coming to Tours, France for the fifth time since it started back in 2015. We should be in for a good one as many of the teams in this year’s competition are closely matched. Read on as we break down all you need to know about the tournament!

Competition Information

DreamHack Open is a series of tournaments geared towards up-and-coming teams looking to make a name for themselves. This will be the second DreamHack Open tournament of the year and it will take place in Tours, France. The French city has been a mainstay on the DreamHack Open circuit, as five tournaments have been hosted here in the past. Eight teams will compete for the $100,000 prize pool — $50,000 of which will go towards the winner. The format for the tournament will be GSL system with best-of-one in the opening and winners matches but best-of-threes for the elimination and decider matches.

At the most recent event on the Open circuit, AVANGAR defeated FURIA in the final of DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro. The Kazakhs will hope to make it two in a row, as they are among the invited teams for DreamHack Open Tours.

The Current Season

Avanagar Stats

AVANGAR are coming off consecutive LAN wins after winning both the WePlay! Forge Masters and DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro. The Kazakh side recently added SANJI in place of KrizzeN who was forced to leave the team due to health issues. The sudden change does not seem to have negatively affected the team as they continue to put up fine results. AVANGAR rely heavily on the performance of their star AWPer, Jame — a player who consistently puts up monstrous numbers for the team. The Russian will be an excellent pick in fantasy due to his play style and how his team plays around him. Don’t be surprised to see Jame on a high K/D total even in matches where his team is struggling, since you will often see him save the AWP and rack up plenty of exit frags to boost his totals.

mousesports stats1

mousesports are fresh off their tournament debut at IEM Sydney. The newly formed side looked good in Australia as they earned themselves a 5–6th place finish after going out to MIBR in the quarter-final. As expected, it was the young trio of frozen, ropz and woxic who led the way for the team in terms of statistical output. The fact that frozen looked comfortable playing on the big stage is a promising sign and the newly formed team will likely be coming in as one of the favorites to hoist the trophy in France.

Valiance Stats

Valiance fell to AVANGAR in a close series in the semi-final of DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro. They will get a crack at revenge as both teams will be present in France as well. Valiance packs a lot of punch with players such as nexa and huNter on the team. However, most of the teams in this competition will be able to match them in skill unlike in Rio where the quality of opposition was far weaker. It is interesting to see that EspiranTo — a player who was previously the star on previous rosters — has taken a bit of a backseat to players like nexa and huNter in terms of statistical output. It is definitely something to keep in mind for fantasy.

G2 stats

G2 are coming off their first LAN tournament with AMANEK in Charleroi, Belgium where they went out to main rivals Vitality directly in the semi-finals. Something that I hinted was likely to happen in my preview for that event. G2 have assembled a very strong lineup and I expect them to have a decent shot at contending in a tournament like this. AMANEK has yet to put up the type of numbers that we became accustomed to during his time on Misfits, however, the rest of the team are looking solid.

Windigo stats

Windigo most notably took down WESG in China earlier this year after defeating teams like AGO, G2 and MIBR. They were also able to make it to the final of the United Masters League later in the year where they lost to Valiance. In ESL Pro League they were unable to win any matches as they lost to fnatic, G2 and NaVi in groups. However, they were able to win a map in every one of those series. The Bulgarians have a lot of skill on their roster with players like poizon and SHiPZ, two unpredictable players who at their peak can do damage against just about anyone.

Ghost stats

This will be Ghost’s third LAN appearance with freakazoid whom they picked up back in January. They started off the year strong at iBuyPower Masters where they took down FaZe twice before going out to Astralis. Since then they have defeated the likes of compLexity and Lazarus in ESL Pro League. There was a decent amount of hype for Ghost when they rose the ranks last year, but a lot of that excitement has died off somewhat. However, they definitely shouldn’t be underestimated as they have one of the better double AWP setups in the tournament with WARDELL and koosta. If you let a map like Train through in the map veto, Ghost can be very dangerous as teams like FaZe, NRG and Renegades have experienced in the past.


FrenchFrogs is the team formerly known as 3DMAX. They will likely be coming in as the underdog alongside fellow French team, Instinct Gaming. I wouldn’t expect much from FrenchFrogs but unlike their French compatriots in Instinct Gaming they probably have some upset potential in the opener. If FrenchFrogs are to have any chance of doing so, they need big performanced from the likes of hAdji, Maka and Davidp.

Instinct Gaming

The weakest team in the competition is definitely Instinct Gaming. The team is made up of a lot of former LDLC members and you could argue that it is simply a weaker version of a lot of the LDLC lineups that we have seen in the past. I have a really hard time seeing them do much of anything, even in the opening matches. In fact, they’re probably the only team in the competition that I couldn’t see myself betting on — even in the opening matches.

Betting Tips

This tournament is completely up for grabs as many of these teams are closely matched. Teams like mousesports, AVANGAR and G2 are a notch above the rest but some of these teams definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. If the oddsmaker disrespect teams like Windigo, Ghost and Valiance in the opening matches I would be tempted to take the underdog in those matchups. Although teams like mousesports and AVANGAR are stronger, they are not Astralis or Liquid — the gap in skill is simply a lot closer. Since the opening and winners matches are all best-of-ones there is a good chance for underdogs to upset or cover the spread. However, I would stay away from teams like FrenchFrogs and Instinct Gaming in particular since they are just far weaker teams in terms of overall firepower. If I would have to pick an outright winner I would lean towards mousesports, but it is not with a lot of confidence.


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