DreamHack Open Fall 2020 - Preview

FaZe shocked the world by winning IEM New York. Will they keep things going or will Astralis get another title under their belt?

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14th Oct, 20·☕️ 7 min read

FaZe will be looking to make it two in a row but face tough competition from the likes of Astralis and Vitality. We break down the form of the teams and give you a rundown of the format in our preview of DreamHack Open Fall 2020.

Competition Information

DreamHack Open Fall 2020 will feature a total prize pool of $115,000, RMR points and a spot in the Global Challenge for the winner. The field is respectable, with many of Europe’s best teams in attendance.

FaZe are coming off a surprising win at IEM New York and will look to keep the momentum going but they will face tough competition from the likes of Astralis and Vitality.

The Format

A GSL style group stage has been the norm for DreamHack events so it is unsurprising to see it utilized here once more. The sixteen teams have been divided into four groups and will play through a double-elimination (GSL) bracket to decide which three teams move on from each group. All matches will be played in best-of-three format, which should ensure that we don’t get too many flukes in this one.

Once the group stage has concluded, the top two teams will advance to the upper-bracket, with the third place team starting their playoff journey in the lower-bracket. Again, all matches will be best-of-three from start to finish.

These are the groups for DreamHack Open Fall 2020:

Group A

  • 🇫🇷 Vitality
  • 🇸🇪 fnatic
  • 🇪🇺 OG
  • 🇪🇺 mousesports

Group B

  • 🇩🇰 Astralis
  • 🇬🇧 Endpoint
  • 🇩🇰 Heroic
  • 🇫🇷 G2

Group C

  • 🇪🇺 GODSENT
  • 🇪🇺 FaZe
  • 🇩🇰 BIG
  • 🇵🇹 sAw

Group D

  • 🇫🇮 ENCE
  • 🇩🇰 North
  • 🇸🇪 NiP
  • 🇩🇪 Sprout

DreamHack Open Fall 2020 will start October 15th and will run through October 25th.

The Current Season


Record: 16 / 0 / 18
Most Played Map: Nuke (44.4%)
Best Map: Mirage (62.5%)
Worst Map: Overpass (0.0%)

FaZe have played pretty woeful CS since picking up Kjaerbye, which is why it was so surprising to see them go all the way and win IEM New York. It seems like they have swapped a few positions around to get some better use out of Kjaerbye and it has paid dividends, with Kjaerbye posting the second-highest kills/round on the team after NiKo. Speaking of NiKo, there are still rumours circulating that he could be on his way out of the team, with coldzera’s mom (Yes, his mom.) hinting at the move in a recent tweet. However, this clearly did not affect them negatively at their most recent event. Their IEM New York win may just have been a one-off but they are definitely not to be taken lightly.


Record: 23 / 0 / 7
Most Played Map: Nuke (90.0%)
Best Map: Nuke (90.0%)
Worst Map: Vertigo (50.0%)

Astralis have been incredibly good ever since es3tag joined the team. In fact, they have only lost a single game with es3tag so far, which was against Heroic in ESL Pro League. Other than that, they have been flawless, winning ten BO3s and one BO5 against NaVi in the final of ESL Pro League. This will be es3tag’s last event with Astralis, with Xyp9x set to make his return soon. They have gotten a super favourable draw here and should cruise through to the upper-bracket of the playoffs, making them a clear favourite to win this event.


Record: 88 / 0 / 51
Most Played Map: Nuke (77.8%)
Best Map: Nuke (77.8%)
Worst Map: Dust2 (50.0%)

Heroic bombed out in last place at IEM New York after losing to FaZe and BIG. Before that, they were in a great run of form which saw them climb up to No.1 in HLTV’s world rankings. They now find themselves overtaken by Astralis, who are interestingly in the same group at this event. While Astralis will be a tough nut to crack for them, it would be a huge disappointment not to advance from a group that contains Endpoint and a G2 side that has looked a bit questionable as of late.


Record: 78 / 2 / 23
Most Played Map: Dust2 (58.8%)
Best Map: Vertigo (76.9%)
Worst Map: Mirage (47.6%)

Vitality have been one of the more consistent teams in the world throughout this online era. They rarely fail to make playoffs and they made it to the finals at three straight events during the summer period. There are reports coming out of France that they are looking to pick up Nivera from Heretics, so there is some uncertainty surrounding this team at the moment. It is still unknown who is going to be replaced and why. misutaaa is the most probable candidate, so the question is how he will perform knowing that he could be on the chopping block. They have received a pretty tough group draw with fnatic and two teams that have made great strides as of late in the form of OG and mouz, but considering how consistent they have been it would still be surprising to see them not make playoffs here – especially when you consider that three teams advance from each group.


Record: 125 / 0 / 67
Most Played Map: Dust2 (74.4%)
Best Map: Dust2 (74.4%)
Worst Map: Vertigo (50.0%)

BIG were one of the hottest teams in the world during the spring and summer period, but they have since tapered off significantly. Thankfully they have received a very good group draw, with GODSENT, whom they have never lost to, and sAw, which is one of the worst teams in the tournament. While FaZe are looking good coming off their IEM New York win, this is also a team that they have had by the balls for the most part. BIG have really struggled recently, but they will be in a good spot to bounce back at this event.


Record: 73 / 0 / 69
Most Played Map: Inferno (69.7%)
Best Map: Inferno (69.7%)
Worst Map: Dust2 (31.2%)

fnatic were in a nice spot to make the finals of IEM New York, but they were beaten by OG in the semi-finals, a team that has proven to be their kryptonite. They will have to face their fears once more at this event as they have been drawn in the same group as OG, as well as Vitality and mousesports. Vitality have also been a really tough opponent for them recently, so this really is the stuff of nightmares for fnatic.


Record: 29 / 2 / 36
Most Played Map: Train (60.0%)
Best Map: Mirage (72.7%)
Worst Map: Dust2 (16.7%)

NiP have announced that nawwk is back in the main lineup after he was put on leave in order to prevent burnout. This team finished with only a single win in ESL Pro League, which was disappointing even when you consider that they had to play the last two games with their coach standing in for nawwk. However, this is a team that a lot of other pro players have spoken fondly of, which usually means that they are performing well in practice. With nawwk back in the main lineup, it really would not surprise me to see them have a solid run at this tournament. They have received a competitive but favourable group which includes ENCE, North and Sprout. The most interesting game will perhaps be the one against North, since it will be the first time that they face off against Lekr0 since he was booted off the team in favour of hampus.


Record: 77 / 0 / 75
Most Played Map: Inferno (60.0%)
Best Map: Inferno (60.0%)
Worst Map: Dust2 (50.0%)

OG are coming off a runner-up finish at IEM New York. This team is playing solid CS at the moment and they have really impressed me. Aleksib has done a great with this team despite having limited firepower to work with. Personally, I still would not pick them to win this event, especially when you consider that they have received a pretty tough group draw. The fact that they have had fnatic by an iron grip does speak in their favour, but they still have Vitality and mousesports to get past if they want to start their playoff journey in the upper-bracket.

Betting Tips

Astralis and Heroic have received a nice group draw and will be in a great spot to make it far at this event. This will be Astralis’ last tournament and they have looked incredibly good ever since he joined the team. As for Heroic, they may have bombed out of IEM New York, but this is one of the more solid teams out there. When it comes to longshots, the likes of GODSENT and BIG stand out as they have been drawn in a group with sAw, giving them a great shot at going straight to the upper-bracket.