Dota 2 The International Qualifiers #3 - Preview

As some people say. The best is for the last. Dota 2 The International qualifiers are coming to an end, with 2 more to be played. China and Western Europe are two of the strongest Dota 2 regions, and we still need to find 2 teams that will qualify for this year's The International.

rand 1919
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5th Jul, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Western Europe Qualifier Preview

One of the most stacked regions in Dota 2. With many teams that we want to see on TI10 from this region, it will be really hard to see other teams down. Only 1 spot, and few favourites. With so many tier 2 and tier 3 teams playing this qualifier, few teams stand out for sure. Team Liquid, Team Nigma, Tundra, OG and are the top 5 favourites for sure to take the WEU TI10 spot. 9 more teams are in the mix, but I doubt any of those teams can make it till the end.

Would be a real shame if OG will miss this The International, but their form is not on it’s peak, so I’m a little worried for them. Team Liquid is way off too, so I doubt they will grab the spot too. Tundra and are a team that could surprise us, real underdogs, but they will need to play the hell out of Dota to beat teams like Nigma or OG. OG and Nigma are my top 2 favourites to take the qualifiers. Experience, consistency during the seasons, roster, quality. All of that is on their side.

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China Qualifier Preview

Maybe the most interesting region of them all, China. With Vici, Invictus and Aster already being qualified for TI10, competition is getting lower, but still enough. Elephant, EHOME, Royal Never Give Up, Sparking Arrow Gaming or even CDEC. Those are all teams that could make it happen. China is always the region where teams can beat each other and you never know which team would shine when.

For me, picks are very easy as Elephant and EHOME are my two favourites to take the last spot. Those two teams showed themselves during the last 2 seasons. They proved that they can beat all or most of the CN teams, and that they are capable of playing high risk games when the situation demands that. I would say Elephant is the strongest team there, but with China you never know, it’s not about the strength, it’s always about the mentality of players, working as a team and changing and adjusting to the new meta.