Dota 2 (OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS) Daily Betting Tips - December 11th

Tuesday marks the return of the OGA Dota Pit. Season 4 is kicking off in the EU and CIS regions.

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15th Dec, 20·☕️ 4 min read

With 8 participants, teams will fight through the double elimination bracket for the $150,000 prize pool. Here are my analysis and my picks for the Day 1 matches.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Live to Win vs Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere @ 1.35

First match of the Dota Pit Season 4 and already it’s a beauty. This CIS clash will feature NaVi, as one of the strongest CIS squads currently vs Live to Win, a newborn Dota 2 squad that just won 2nd place in the EPIC League Division 2. They lost to Alliance in the grand finals by a narrow 2-3 score. NaVi finished in 6th place in EPIC League Division 1, but they’ve finished group stage on the 3rd place with only 3 losses. From the recent wins they’ve beaten Team Secret and which are pretty big wins. Even though I do think that Live to Win is a good up and coming squad, I think NaVi should outclass them. They are a better squad on all fields, individual play and teamplay. This should be NaVi’s victory.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Alliance vs Mudgolems

Alliance @ 1.49

Alliance are current EPIC League Division 2 champions. Even though the competition was not so big in the Division 2 compared to Division 1, claiming another title for them was crucial to get back some confidence that they needed. They are really a decent team, and with players like NikoBaby, they are made to compete with everyone in Europe. However, I don’t see them doing anything significant in this tournament. There are much stronger teams out there at the moment. Alliance can shock, but they can’t win this tournament next to teams like OG and Virtus.Pro. Mudgolems without their best player BoraNija can hardly do a thing here. They are just in shambles and I think they are not far away from disbanding. Obviously something in the squad is not right, I wonder if they can continue to play like that. They are not a shadow of the team that they used to be a month ago. This could be an easy victory for Alliance. Alliance ML bet here is a good way to go with decent odds.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Virtus.Pro vs OG

OG @ 2.12

Oh boy. This is EPIC League Division 1 grand finals all over again. Just this time in a best of 3 format. OG and VP will face each other again. Two days ago, Virtus.Pro celebrated their Division 1 victory over OG in a narrow 3-2 match win. Virtus.Pro showed that they are one of the best young, new Dota 2 squads in the EU/CIS and they are already leaving their mark. By winning EPIC League Division 1 over OG in a close 3-2 series, they’ve shown that they are currently the strongest team in Europe. Those two teams are my favourites to take Dota Pit, while Virtus.Pro is leading on the favourite board. This time, I’ll go with OG, just because I see a real value in odds. Betting on OG can double up your money, but there is a high risk of course. VP are favourites here, but I do believe this can be a very open match where OG will have their chance.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Team Nigma vs

Team Nigma @ 1.71

In the last 6 months never won against Nigma. They played 3 times, and all 3 times Nigma won with 2-1 score. You can never count out Nigma, especially now with their captain Kuroky being back to the 1st lineup. Even though they’ve dropped off early in the playoff stage of EPIC League, they did show decent performance in the group stages. They are surely one of those teams when in a good form, conque ring Europe is not a problem. I don’t think their current form and play is enough to win this tournament, but you never know with them. Let us tell you’s result in the last months. 1st place at BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe/CIS, 1st place at DOTA Summit 13 Online: Europe & CIS, they ended up on 2nd place in group stage of EPIC League, finishing at 3rd place in the end. That is a really impressive result if we check the list of participating teams. are one of the teams that can surprise anyone today and they can go really far in this tournament. However, in this match I feel like both teams have an equal chance to take the series. There are no straight favourites here for me, but I’m leaning to Nigma slightly. My bet would be Nigma ML.


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