Dota 2 (OGA Dota Pit China) Daily Betting Tips - October 12th

OGA Dota Pit China Season 3 grand finals will feature the two best Dota 2 teams in China battling it out.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
12th Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read


PICK: Over 3.5 @ 1.55

Featured Match
PSG.LGD (1.15)VSVici Gaming (4.5)

OGA Dota Pit China Season 3 grand finals. What a match we will watch. Two best Dota 2 teams in China battling it out. This sounds like Vici’s tournament. Over the last 3 seasons they have been playing grand finals all 3 times. They were champions of Dota Pit China Season 1 where they beat PSG.LGD in the grand finals, the team they are facing now again. They failed to defend their championship title in Season 2 finishing 2nd just behind CDEC Gaming. And now again, in Season 3 of this league, they are in the grand finals again, facing their nemesis from Season 1, PSG.LGD.

Interestingly enough, both teams are coming from group A of the tournament. PSG.LGD finished 1st in the group with 3 clean victories and with an amazing 6-2 map win-loss ratio. Vici Gaming were placed just behind them on 2nd place, which secured them the upper bracket round 1 in the playoffs. 1 extra match to play. Vici got 2 wins in the group stage and 1 loss. And that loss was a 1-2 loss vs PSG.LGD. In the upper bracket round 2 those two teams faced each other again. PSG.LGD won that match again, this time with a clean 2-0 result. Once again they proved they are a better team. That 1st place in the group brought PSG.LGD a much easier road to the grand finals. They have to beat Vici Gaming and Team Aster to get there. On the other side, Vici had an incredibly hard road. Win vs Team Magma, loss vs PSG.LGD, then straight wins vs RNG, EHOME and Team Aster to get a 3rd chance to beat PSG.LGD in this tournament.

Let’s be honest here, PSG.LGD is by far the strongest team in this competition. They are the number 1 ranked team in China now. It seems like their new mixed roster is working perfectly, as they are still unbeaten in this tournament. Ame and NothingToSay are two amazing players and they have been carrying LGD the whole time. Their incredible rotations, fast gameplay and decision making makes the difference vs other teams. PSG.LGD and Vici played each other 3 times in the last 10 days. PSG.LGD celebrated the win all 3 times, and Vici managed to take only 1 map from LGD. In this best of 5 grand finals, PSG.LGD are massive favourites to take the championship and the $37,521 prize for the 1st place. However, I believe Vici Gaming is capable of resisting LGD, and to make their road as hard as it can be. PSG.LGD taking that match would be the safest bet, even though odds are kinda low on that. I suggest going on Over 3.5 maps, which means we need to watch 4 or 5 maps in this best of 5 matchup. In the other words, Vici Gaming needs to take at least 1 map off PSG.LGD. It’s possible, but we might see another 3-0 stomp too. Vici Gaming must learn from their mistakes and show the best performance until now.