Dota 2 ESL One Summer 2021 - Review
Dota 2 ESL One Summer 2021 - Review

That’s it. The last big Dota 2 event right before The International 10 has just ended.

rand 1919
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21st Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Finally, the SEA region stepped up and showed to everyone that they can be very competitive. For the first time in history, T1 has won a big Dota 2 event. They are ESL One Summer 2021 champions.

SEA Powerhouse

T1 went a step ahead and they did take a big win right before The International. Right after their 3rd place at the recent AniMajor, they have proven that they are currently the best team from the SEA region by taking this ESL One Summer championship. Big tournament and first big trophy for that amazing squad. Big shiny ESL One trophy is theirs, and $175,000 prize pool as well.

They were one of the few teams directly invited and placed right in the Upper Bracket Round 2 immediately. And that was a jackpot for the tournament organizers. On the wings of their amazing AniMajor performance, T1 has gone all the way. 2-0 vs, 2-0 vs Quincy Crew, 1-2 vs VirtusPro to drop into the lower bracket. They did crush Alliance in lower bracket finals with 2-0 to secure grand finals to play a rematch vs VirtusPro. And this time, they took revenge. A close 3-2 win for them did secure them a big trophy for the first time.

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CIS Going Strong

CIS region once again showed that they have a strong representative. VirtusPro showed that they are the strongest CIS squad at the moment, and they have proven just that. They are moving to The International as a big underdog there, they can surprise a lot of teams. With a little bit of luck, ESL One Summer could go their way too.

Biggest Disappointment

Team Secret and OG. Yes, two big names are the biggest disappointments if you ask me. Secret showed nothing again, and I’m starting to get scared of them at The International. Their current form is questionable and I wonder if they will be able to come back from this black hole. OG, a long way from their old exciting OG roster. With Sumail’s return, things are not looking good, and they didn’t even qualify for the TI 10. They will have one last chance in the closed TI 10 qualifiers, but this could be the hardest qualifiers that they’ve played yet. Secret ended up on 11th place, while OG ended on 4th place here (sounds good, but not really when you think about things you expect from this superstar lineup).

Final ESL One Summer 2021 rankings:

  • 1st T1 - $175,000
  • 2nd VirtusPro - $85,000
  • 3rd Alliance - $45,000
  • 4th OG - $25,000
  • 5th-6th / Quincy Crew - $15,000
  • 7th-8th Gambit / Nigma - $10,000
  • 9th-12th Tundra / Unique / Secret / Liquid - $5,000