Dota 2 (ESL One Germany) Daily Betting Tips - October 30th

ESL One Germany 2020 is coming to an end but before the end, we will watch 4 more matches

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30th Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ESL One Germany 2020 is coming to an end. Tournament will conclude this Sunday with a best of 5 grand finals. But before the end, we will watch 4 more matches. Friday is a day for upper bracket finals and lower bracket round 3. Let’s analyze the matches and predict the winners.

ESL One Germany 2020: Team Liquid vs Team Secret

Team Secret -1.5 @ 1.65

Even though this is a lower bracket round 3 match, this surely must be the match of the day. How did those two teams end up in the lower bracket? Well surprisingly enough, Team Secret is not playing their most dominant tournament for now, and Liquid’s performance can vary a lot. Team Secret did get their 1st loss in a while vs mudgolems in the upper bracket. After that loss, their stakes are higher and they don’t have any opportunities for new mistakes. After beating Alliance with a strong 2-0 in the lower bracket round 2, now they need to face another strong team. Team Liquid will try to stop Team Secret in taking another championship. The only team that managed to beat Liquid in the group stage was Team Secret (2-0). However, the playoffs didn’t start too well for them. They were crushed by the same team that beat Team Secret, mudgolems. Team Liquid showed decent play vs very weak Nigma in the lower bracket, while yesterday they managed to make a few comeback to 2-0 Really solid performance, but I’m not sure if this will be enough to face Team Secret with their prime play. They’re last clash was 2 weeks ago, in the group stage of the same tournament. How did those 2 weeks help Liquid is yet to be seen. This is a high risk bet, but that’s only logical thing to go for if you are asking me. Team Secret should take out Team Liquid. 2-0 is a result that we want.

ESL One Germany 2020: Mudgolems vs Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere +1.5 @ 1.50

Mudgolems are the biggest underdog of this tournament. Until now they’ve lost only 1 series, and that was vs Team Liquid (0-2) in the group stage of the tournament. Their mid player BoraNija is really delivering almost every game. He is the biggest surprise on the scene regarding players if you ask me. Skiter is playing amazingly too. His position 1 play is much better compared to his time in CR4ZY. In the opening playoff match, they’ve beat Team Liquid in a close 3 map series. However, after that they shocked us all with their amazing performance vs Team Secret. Secret didn’t have the chance. It’s obvious, they are performing very good vs stronger teams, as I do think they are still a big question mark for most of the European Dota 2 teams. It will take some time for teams to study Mudgolems in a better and more detailed way. I’m a big fan of Natus Vincere, but Mudgolems already crushed them in the group stage. Match ended up with a 2-0 win for Mudgolems. Even though NaVi had really poor performance in the group stages, they showed what they made off in the playoffs. 2-1 win vs favoured OG, 2-0 win vs are respectable results that can show us potentially how this current match will go. Mudgolems are favourites, that’s sure. But I wouldn’t count down NaVi. This should be a really open match, every team has it’s opportunities and for that reason I’m giving NaVi at least 1 map.


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