Dota 2 (ESL One Germany) Daily Betting Tips - October 29th

Upper bracket round 2 is finished and it’s time for ESL One Germany to move to the lower bracket matches

rand 1919
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29th Oct, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

Sadly, today 2 more teams will be eliminated from the tournament. Liquid,, Secret and Alliance are fighting for survival. Here is my analysis and picks for today’s matches.

ESL One Germany 2020: Team Liquid vs +1.5 @ 1.50

Team Liquid showed amazing play in the group stages. With 3 wins and 1 loss they were almost unstoppable. But their win vs Mudgolems in the group stage didn’t mean anything in the end, as they lost to the same team in the round 1 of the playoffs. Liquid lost to mudgolems 1-2, but they managed to beat Team Nigma in the round 1 of the lower bracket. However, that was a very close win vs not so dominant opponent. Now Liquid has to face a solid is such a young squad full of potential. But they have one big problem, and that is inconsistency. After 3 wins and 2 losses in the group stage, in the playoffs they dropped to the lower bracket in round 2. After their dominant 2-0 win vs strong Alliance, they’ve managed to get crushed by Natus Vincere yesterday in a best of 3 series. Looked like a completely different team then in the previous day vs Alliance. However, I do believe still has what it takes to shock and outplay opponents. In their history, they’ve played vs Liquid 2 times and they’ve never lost a series to them. Even though Liquid are favourites here, I do believe can at least take a map. Odds on handicap are better then on Liquid ML.

ESL One Germany 2020: Team Secret vs Alliance

Team Secret -1.5 @ 1.57

Team Secret are most definitely the strongest team in this tournament and of course the biggest favourite to take the championship. However, their playoff stage performance is far away from their group stage performance. After 3-0 in the group stage, and 6-0 in maps, they already dropped a map in one series and they’ve lost another series completely. What a shocker for their fans and the whole community. After being 0-1 down vs Team Nigma in the round 1 of the upper bracket, they’ve managed to turn around the match and they’ve won the series 2-1 in the end. Much harder than expected. Yesterday, Secret was shocked by underdogs Mudgolems. Secret lost the series with 0-2 and after straight 20 wins in a row, they were defeated.

Mudgolems just outrafted and outplayed Team Secret. Was it a bad day or the end of an unbeatable streak for Secret? We will see, but I do think it’s the first one. On the other hand, Alliance were crushed by in the upper bracket round 1, but they’ve managed to beat OG with 2-0 in their first match in the lower bracket. Again a team with such an unstable performance. Both recent clashes between those two teams ended up with Team Secret’s win. 3-0 and 2-0 were their results vs Alliance. This is another risky handicap bet, but I do think Team Secret has all it takes to bounce back from uncomfortable defeat vs Mudgolems. Risky handicap, if you are not sure, try to find decent Team Secret ML odds.


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