Dota 2 (ESL One) Daily Betting Tips - October 7th

Day 3 of ESL One is here, and we will watch 3 outsiders battling it out vs top 3 European / CIS teams

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7th Oct, 20·☕️ 4 min read

Day 2 of the ESL One Germany 2020 went as we expected. We saw victories from Team Liquid, and OG. Day 3 is here, and we will watch 3 outsiders battling it out vs top 3 European / CIS teams. Here are my predictions and picks for day 3 matches.

ESL One Germany 2020: Alliance vs Extremum

Alliance -1.5 @ 1.37

Alliance are entering this tournament as OGA Dota PIT S3: Europe/CIS 3rd place winners. They had a good tournament overall, and now they are ready for new challenges. Extremum are decent tier 2 CIS Dota 2 squad, with CIS veterans like G aka god, but this time in a little different role. Alliance is a tier 1 European team, and they are fighting top EU teams constantly. Even though they have 2 losses in their last 2 matches (vs Secret and VP.Prodigy), they are big favourites here. Extremum should be outclassed here. They don’t have any results behind themselves and their performances are inconsistent, even vs tier 2 CIS squads. I’m expecting that Alliance will open this tournament with a 2-0 victory.

ESL One Germany 2020: Team Nigma vs Yellow Submarine

Team Nigma -1.5 @ 1.36

For a 4th tournament in a row, Team Nigma will play without their captain. rmN, their coach, will again replace KuroKy, their captain. Even with that lineup change, their recent tournaments were succes… kind of. 1st place at OGA Dota PIT Season 2, but they’ve had devastating performance in the recent OGA Dota PIT Season 3 where they’ve ended in 7-8th place. Before that they’ve had an amazing run in the very demanding and competitive OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division as they’ve reached 3rd place there. Nigma is entering this tournament with just 2 wins out of their last 5 matches. However, all those matches were vs tier 1 teams.

On the other side, Yellow Submarine is another Dota 2 squad coming from the CIS region. With just 2 known players as Miposhka and so bad, they are looking to make an upset here. I would give them more chances here in this tournament then to Extremum, their CIS brothers. Yellow Submarine is cruising slowly and achieving their victories in tier 2 CIS Dota. However, now they need to face a team that is 5 levels above them. It will be really hard for them, but surprises are possible, definitely. However, I’m giving more chances to Nigma. 2-0 is highly possible in this match. In favour of Nigma of course.

ESL One Germany 2020: Cyber Legacy vs Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere -1.5 @ 1.99

This is the match of the day for sure. CIS clash, between two decent teams. Let me remind you that FlyToMoon is the new Natus Vincere. They’ve signed the whole FTM roster last month and now they are representing black and yellow. This will surely give them some wind in their back. Cyber Legacy weren’t even supposed to be in this competition. Initially, Virtus.Pro was invited to play ESL One Germany. However, Virtus.Pro withdrew from the tournament on September 23rd and they were replaced by Cyber Legacy. This is a very dangerous match to bet on, especially handicaps.

I think NaVi are favourites for sure, they will surely win this. They must, everything is on their side. V-Tune and Iceberg their position 1 and 2 players can easily carry games if they get a good draft for them. Another interesting fact is that in the last clash between those two teams FlyToMoon (now NaVi) took a victory with a clean 2-0. However, before that CL took a win over decent Ninjas in Pyjamas. In this one, I don’t think CL has a chance. Amazing odds on NaVi -1.5, however a little bit riskier. Definitely worth a try.


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