Dota 2 (ESL One CIS Online) Daily Betting Tips - January 11th

Tier 2 CIS teams are fighting for the ESL One CIS Online Season 1 upper division spot

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
11th Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Two spots remain. Today, we will watch 2 interesting matches that will determine the future of these teams. Here are my picks and predictions for today’s games.

ESL One CIS Online: Extremum vs B8

Extremum @ 1.53

This will be the first match between those two squads with their new lineups. Extremum is led by a veteran G. With 2 youngsters Nefrit and mellojul playing carry roles, they are looking very strong. Shachlo is doing very well on the position 3 too. Overall, very decent tier 2 CIS squad. They showed amazing performance in the last match vs HellRaisers. By beating them with a clean 2-0, they deserved a chance to play a deciding match vs B8 for the spot in the upper division. Let me remind you that HellRaisers gathered a pretty strong lineup this season with Cooman and Resolut1on. With that being said, Extremum deserves a lot more respect that they have now. On the other side, B8 led by Dendi, started this qualifiers on a good note. 2-0 vs Gambit, but 0-2 vs NoTechies in the next round showed that they are pretty unstable still and that they have communication issues. 3 Brazilian players, 1 German and 1 Ukranian is a weird mix. I don’t see a bright future for that squad either. This can potentially be a close match between those two teams, but I’m kinda leaning towards Extremum. Extremum ML bet is my advice or Over 2.5 maps if you want higher odds. Both bets are very interesting.

ESL One CIS Online: Winstrike vs NoPangolier

NoPangolier @ 1.61

This can potentially be a very interesting match. Both fully CIS squads and we know matches with those kind of aggressive CIS squads usually end up in a bloodbath. This will be a very close match, maybe even closer than many people expect, but can go either way I think. Winstrike doesn’t have any explosive names in the lineup, but they know and they can play good when all things align for them. On the other side, NoPangolier is full of known names from the CIS scene, but they failed to beat not very strong Team Empire in my opinion. 2-0 vs strong HellRaisers on the paper, but 0-2 vs Empire makes me wonder what is affecting their performance and what can affect their performance today vs Winstrike that should be weaker team on the paper. Winstrike lost to NoTechies but they have beat Gambit with 2-0 in the round 1 of the lower bracket. This match decides who will be the last team to qualify for the upper division. Highly risk match, regarding bets and regarding ingame stakes for both teams. I tend to believe NoPangolier are a slightly better squad right now, and if the draft goes good for them, they can surely take this series.


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