Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 4th

Europe is the hottest Dota 2 region currently. With two major tournaments going on currently, teams are spread between them.

rand 1919
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4th Nov, 20·☕️ 4 min read

Europe is the hottest Dota 2 region currently. With two major tournaments going on currently, teams are spread between them. Today, we will analyze the most interesting matches on Wednesday. Here are my picks and predictions.

EPIC League: Khan vs HellRaisers

Khan @ 1.55

This will be an interesting CIS clash. It seems like Khan is in great form. Beating Ninjas in Pyjamas yesterday in the DOTA Summit match is not a coincidence right? I wonder if they can repeat that performance vs HellRaisers. Interestingly enough, Khan is in the same group as NiP in this competition as well. I guess it’s pretty hard for such teams to play 2 tournaments at the same time, on the same days practically. Focus is everywhere, just not where it should be. I love HellRaisers more, at least on paper. However, they are not performing well recently. 0-2 vs NiP and 0-2 vs Live to Win. On the other side, Khan is on a 2 match winning streak. 2-1 win vs 5men and 2-0 win vs NiP made them favourites in this clash vs HellRaisers. One interesting fact - in the last 3 months HellRaisers didn’t manage to beat Khan. And they played 3 matches. 6-1 in maps for Khan. Impressive.

EPIC League: Mudgolems vs Live to Win

Live to Win +1.5 @ 1.52

Yesterday they played in DOTA Summit, today they are playing in EPIC League qualifiers. Mudgolems were little too strong yesterday as they’ve taken the series with a close 2-1. I can’t say that Live to Win didn’t have their chances. I do think Live to Win is the hottest underdog CIS squad now. Just recently gathered, their squad on paper is amazing and as a plus they are playing really attractive. I would call this series: “The biggest EU underdog vs the biggest CIS underdog”. Yes, Mudgolems are heavy favourites today too, but odds on Live to Win +1.5 handicap are again higher than ML of Mudgolems. If they took 1 map off them yesterday, they can do it today in a rematch. I will be cheering for Live to Win.

EPIC League: Winstrike vs Cyberium

Winstrike @ 1.60

There is not much info about Cyberium. They’ve completely mixed and changed their lineup in October, and today they are completely different than they were a few months ago. They don’t even have any official matches recently, so we still have to see what they are made of. Why to bet on Winstrike here? Well, they are a squad that is together for quite some time now. They are playing some of the strongest EU/CIS leagues vs top teams. They have practice and experiences vs best teams in Europe. They have some decent players in the team. That’s why Winstrike ML should be a good bet here. Odds are amazing as well.

EPIC League: Yellow Submarine vs B8

Yellow Submarine -1.5 @ 1.63

It’s really strange that B8 received a direct invite to these qualifiers. They are one of the weakest teams in each tournament they enter and play. Dendi’s squad is not looking good at all and because of that they’ve changed almost full lineups a few times already. I honestly think that they have a wrong approach to the game and to team creation, but that’s on them. I doubt that they would do anything in this tournament too. Yellow Submarine played vs B8 2 days ago in the DOTA Summit qualifiers. Yellow Submarine took that series with ease, 2-0. I do think that YS will repeat the performance from a few days ago and beat B8 easily today too. They are just a better team currently and B8 is not on the same level as any of the teams in their group, or in this tournament moreover.


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