Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 27th

We saw a few surprises on the Day 9 of EPIC League Division 1 yesterday as Division 1 is moving on with it's 10th play day

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27th Nov, 20·☕️ 4 min read

Alliance fell even more into the abyss, while Secret showed once again that they are not unbeatable. Division 1 is moving on with a 10th play day. Here are my picks and predictions for Friday’s matches.

EPIC League Division 1: vs Just Error

Just Error +1.5 @ 1.49 - the hottest Dota 2 team in Europe currently vs Just Error - the superstar team that tends to shock the scene. What a match this will be. is almost unbeatable these days. In this league, only Alliance managed to beat them. And for Alliance, that was the only win, since they are at the bottom of the Division 1 rankings. are firmly holding 1st place in the division with 5 wins and 1 loss. 10-5 in maps, really impressive for such a squad. This will be their first match vs Just Error, a superstar packed team. With Ramzes, NoOne, Sumail and Solo at the helm, they are looking to conquer Europe and become the best. Surely, they have the capacity, but they still need a lot of grinding to get there. Just Error are in 8th place in the league with just 2 wins out of 7 matches. They’ve only beaten Alliance and Liquid. They desperately need a win to stay in this league. Odds on’s victory are similar to this handicap, but I’ve decided to go with the handicap as I think Just Error can surely surprise Otherwise, Vikings are heavily favourites here.

EPIC League Division 1: Team Liquid vs Virtus.Pro

Virtus.Pro @ 1.40

With this new lineup, CIS squad Virtus.Pro is kicking it. 4 wins, 1 loss and they are on the top of the rankings, right behind with one victory more. Virtus.Pro narrowly lost to yesterday (1-2) and that series was amazing. They’ve proved that they can fight with the currently best teams in Europe. By losing only 3 maps in 5 matches they’ve played, Virtus.Pro will surely be a big contender in the playoffs. I don’t see them losing to this Team Liquid. A team that is in poor form, struggling to qualify for the playoffs. With a 1-4 score, they are holding 9th place, out of 10. They’ve only managed to win against Alliance, but they’ve managed to take maps off NaVi and which was pretty nice. However, I don’t think that their current level of play can bring them victory over the strong and young Virtus.Pro squad. VP are heavy favourites here and I do think they will win in the end. They need that win to fight for the top seeds for the playoffs.

EPIC League Division 1: Team Nigma vs Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere @ 1.83

This will be their first clash since Natus Vincere recruited FlyToMoon under the NaVi wing. I truly believe in this NaVi squad as they are showing so much potential. Definitely a top Dota 2 squad currently coming from the CIS region, together with Virtus.Pro. This will be an interesting match between the 3rd and 4th ranked team. NaVi are in 3rd place with 3 wins and 1 loss, while Nigma are in 4th place with 3 wins and 2 losses. Nigma played 1 match more, and they have a loss from that match, so NaVi are in a little bit better position regarding games played and win-loss ratio. NaVi’s last match was 0-2 loss vs OG, while Nigma played 0-2 vs VirtusPro. However, since Kuroky returned to Nigma’s first lineup, they are doing much better compared to their previous tournaments. w33ha is still struggling here and there, but overall, they look promising going into the future. That’s why we see such equal odds here for that series. Basically, speaking right now this can be a 50-50 match, but I’m giving a slight edge to Natus Vincere.


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