Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 19th

Today is the 5th match day of the EPIC League Division 1. This $500,000 league is featuring the top Dota 2 European / CIS teams.

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19th Nov, 20·☕️ 4 min read

EPIC League Division 1: Virtus.Pro vs Just Error

Just Error @ 2.29

This new Virtus.Pro squad has played only 1 official match together. They crushed OG 2-0 in their first match together in the new EPIC League. They were losing early / mid game in both maps, but in the end they managed to turn around both maps to their favour. They were big underdogs in that series. The same as Just Error in this series. Sumail’s squad are underdogs here, as most of the sportsbooks are favouring young Virtus.Pro squad here.

Just Error is another new Dota 2 squad. Made of ex Virtus.Pro players (NoOne, Ramzes, Solo, Zayac) and Sumail they are one of the strongest Dota 2 squads in Europe, at least on paper. With such a lineup and individual skills, they shouldn’t be afraid of anybody. However, I wonder how Sumail will adapt to a fully russian speaking squad. Communication can be the problem here, and that is their biggest minus. In this clash, we have amazing teamplay (Virtus.Pro) vs individual quality (Just Error). I’m going against the odds here, and my coins are on Just Error today. I think there is a lot of potential in this team, and they must explode. There is a great value in this bet.

EPIC League Division 1: vs Mudgolems

Over 2.5 @ 1.93

It’s so hard to predict this match. This will be an amazing series with two teams that deserve more credit than they have right now. This should be a match with a lot of hype, but these teams are not representing any bigger organizations and they don’t have any high value players, so the hype is missing. Quality is here, though. In their history, those two squads have played each other 2 times. One month ago, took a 3-0 win over Mudgolems in a best of 5 BTS Pro Series grand finals. Before that, Mudgolems took 2-0 win in the group stage of the same tournament. So I’m feeling here that this can go both ways. are in amazing form. 5 straight wins in their last 5 matches. Two wins vs a strong Team Liquid, and their last match was an amazing 2-0 victory over Team Secret. They are just showing pure class. As I already mentioned a few times, Mudgolems are one of the hottest underdog teams in Europe. Their performance is constantly improving. Taking a map off mighty Team Secret, beating Team Nigma, and crushing up and coming squads like Yellow Submarine is surely something worth remembering. I would give slight advantage to here, due to their recent performances, but overall there is a high chance that this match can go to all 3 maps.

EPIC League Division 1: Team Nigma vs Alliance

Over 2.5 @ 1.89

What an end of the day for EPIC League Division 1 this will be. These two teams always have some very close matches. But neither of those teams are in excellent form. Alliance dropped their performance a lot lately. Nigma had ups and downs in the last months. They even played with their coach for a few tournaments. However, Kuroky is now back and it’s hard to tell what we can expect from them. Can they return to their old form or not? We will see.

W33 is the biggest problem for Nigma, as he is the player that is having the worst performance. I have a feeling when w33 plays decently, that Nigma will win, and if w33 is feeding or having a bad game, they are in so much trouble. Just like their last matches vs NaVi and OG. They’ve lost both series with close 1-2, but w33 struggled a lot in some of those maps. Alliance is much dependent on a NikoBaby as their carry player. His morphling plays have been amazing and almost unstoppable. Nigma has 3 wins out of their last 5 matches, while Alliance has only 1 win from their last 5 matches. Really bad performances from both. This can potentially be a very close series. I would give a small advantage to Nigma since they are 1-1 in this league currently. Alliance is 0-2. 3 maps are highly possible here.


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