Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - December 8th

The EPIC League play-in is behind us and today we are following the Division 2 lower bracket matches

rand 1919
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8th Dec, 20·☕️ 3 min read

EPIC League play-in is behind us. We have found out four winners: Liquid, Nigma, OG and Yellow Submarine advanced on to the Division 1 lower bracket. Today we are following two Division 2 lower bracket matches. Here are my picks and analysis.

EPIC League: Mudgolems vs ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas

ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas +1.5 @ 1.56

This is the first match of the Division 2 lower bracket. In round 1 Mudgolems and ex-NiP are facing each other in a best of 3 series. Mudgolems are in terrible form. They finished last in the group stage of Division 1 with a 2-7 score. To make matters worse, they’ve lost one of their best players, BoraNija. He left the team, leaving them without a position 2 player. He was one of their best individuals since they’ve come up together. Obviously there are some internal conflicts in the team that brought them to that stage. On the other side, ex-NiP are no better regarding that. Due to their recent bad plays, Ninjas in Pyjamas organization dropped them as their Dota 2 squad. They are now on their own, but I still believe they can be pretty strong. I wonder how they will approach the tournaments now when they are teamless or will they remain together as a squad. That is still a big question. Mudgolems are in a big crisis and without BoraNija, ex-NiP guys can surely be a big threat to them. Handicap is an amazing bet here.

EPIC League: Alliance vs Winstrike

Alliance @ 1.20

This will be a very hard series for Winstrike. They are nowhere near Alliance’s level. Even though Alliance is in an extremely bad form and place right now with their gameplay and game sense, I do believe they are massive favourites in this one. Finishing in 9th place in the Division 1, with a 2-7 score should not matter in this match. Best of 3 matches is bringing them a lot more security and Winstrike doesn’t have any player of Niko’s caliber. Another interesting fact is that Winstrike never beat Alliance in their Dota 2 history. And I do believe that will stay this way. Even though Alliance is placed in the lower bracket of Division 2, I do believe they can go really far in this one, or even all the way. We will see if they can catch some break from their bad play and if they can pull together. Yes, Winstrike did beat teams like Empire and Cyberium lately, but that is not enough to be a threat for a team such as Alliance. Easy Alliance 2-0 or ML bet is a good way to go here.


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