Dota 2 (Dota Summit) Daily Betting Tips - November 6th

DOTA Summit is one of the hottest Dota 2 tournaments right now. We will watch few matches on Friday, but let’s focus on 2 of those, one from SEA region and one from EU/CIS region. Here are my picks.

rand 1919
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5th Nov, 20·☕️ 3 min read

DOTA Summit SEA: Neon Esports vs TNC Predator

TNC Predator @ 1.55

I would say that the SEA region is very stacked with good Dota 2 teams. They have a lot of decent squads that can or could fight for the top positions in the SEA tournaments. However, I can’t say that they would be competitive in any other region or in any international tournament with Chinese or European teams. TNC Predator are one of the most accomplished SEA squads and they are recent ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia champions. In this tournament, they are doing decently. 2nd place in the group stage rankings and 1 loss in the playoff upper bracket. Now they need to fight vs Neon Esports in a best of 3 elimination match. Loser is going home. Those two teams went 1-1 in their best of 2 group stage match. However, Neon had a pretty bad group stage, ening on a 6th place with only 2 wins. Neon Esports never won against TNC Predator and I do think TNC has the big chance to take them down in this best of 3 series. Stakes are higher, but the better team with more quality should take this match. TNC Predator.

DOTA Summit EU/CIS: vs Live to Win

Live to Win +1.5 @ 1.50

This should be an interesting match. are coming from the ESL One Germany, where they’ve finished in 5th/6th place. They showed some amazing performances vs NiP or Alliance, however playoffs were not meant to be for them. 0-2 vs Natus Vincere and 0-2 vs Team Liquid. They showed a lot of weakness recently. They are one of those teams that can show amazing performance and crush a big EU team, but they can lose in strange ways. Their performances vary. And that’s what I’m thinking here too. They can slip. They didn’t play group stage since they were directly invited to the tournament’s playoffs, which means that after ESL One, this will be their 1st performance.

Live to Win is looking good on paper, but they still haven’t impressed me. I kinda have a feeling that they have the strength in them to be able to crush or take maps off teams like They’ve played 5 matches in their short career, 3 losses and only 2 wins. However, let’s mention that they’ve lost 2 times vs Mudgolems. In those 2 matches, they’ve managed to take 2 maps off Mudgolems, which is kinda impressive for a new squad. And Mudgolems are not an easy team to beat nowadays. Yes, are big favourites here, and if you want a safe bet with lower odds go with Live to Win +1.5 is a slightly more riskier bet, but odds should be better on that.


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