Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 6th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 6th

OGA Dota PIT Invitational is kicking off today.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
6th Sep, 21·☕️ 3 min read

With a 5 day event, OGA Dota Pit is looking to fill the void that we have until we are waiting for The International. 8 teams have been invited to this event, and today we are following 4 amazing matches. Here are my picks and predictions for Day 1 of this online event.

OGA Dota PIT Invitational: PSG.LGD vs Undying

PSG.LGD -1.5 @ 1.91

PSG.LGD is entering this tournament as the favourites. Even though they are playing this tournament with a standin player (xiao8 will be standing in for NothingToSay), I still believe they can go all the way. Their first opponent is an up and coming stack from North America called Undying. With players like Moonmeander and Dubu they won a BTS Pro Series Season 7: Americas 2 weeks ago. They are one of the hottest teams from NA right now. Even if we consider that, I somehow doubt they can take down PSG.LGD, as one of the best teams in the world. I do think a PSG.LGD win is a sure thing, but if this handicap with such good odds hits, it would be a nice thing.

OGA Dota PIT Invitational: T1 vs Team Spirit

Team Spirit @ 1.78

This can be such a close series. Both teams are kinda even let’s say it like that and they even have similar odds on win. Team Spirit are slight favourites, mostly because of their recent win vs T1. They played each other 2 weeks ago in ESL One Fall, where Spirit took a 2-0 dominant victory. T1 is not a bad squad too as lately they did beat Alliance, beastcoast and took a map off PSG.LGD. Another potentially good bet here would be Over 2.5 maps that have a decent chance to hit.

OGA Dota PIT Invitational: Fnatic vs Thunder Predator

Fnatic @ 1.54

Those two teams still didn’t have a chance to face each other this year. Actually, in their history they played only once, and that was a best of 2 series. Let’s say that Fnatic is coming from a much stronger region. Fnatic are experimenting with their lineup this year, and they still didn’t find their pace. In the end, I think that should be enough to beat a team like Thunder Predator. Peruvians are a squad that knows how to surprise, but their recent match history and form is not anything that would pull me on their side here.

OGA Dota PIT Invitational: Tundra vs SG esports

Tundra -1.5 @ 1.59

I think Tundra is a team that made the biggest splash in the Dota scene in the last month or so. With their ESL One Fall 2021 victory, they’ve made history. They did beat PSG.LGD in a narrow 3-2 series. They are coming to this tournament as one of the hottest teams and they will need to play vs PSG.LGD potentially again for the championship, which could be pretty interesting. SG esports on the other side is the team that is one of the weakest teams here, and they shouldn’t be competitive for the tournament win here. Tundra are 2 levels above them, and that is the result I expect here. Tundra should kick this match 2-0 in order to prove them as real contenders and that their ESL One Fall 2021 win was not a fluke.