Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 22nd
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 22nd

Day 5 of D2CL 2021 Season 3 is here. Tournament started on a good note with some unusual results and teams on the top. Here are my picks and tips for Wednesday.

rand 1919
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22nd Sep, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Champions League 2021: Galactic Aliens vs V Gaming

Galactic Aliens +1.5 @ 2.05

Amazing odds on Galactic Aliens handicap. I don’t understand why odds on +1.5 handicap are so big, because Aliens are actually capable of surprising V Gaming. So far, Aliens played amazingly and they are the nicest surprise so far in this competition. 2-1 vs Nemiga, 2-0 vs qwerty and 1-2 vs Winstrike are their results so far, and they are not bad at all. Before the tournament V Gaming were heavy favourites, but they are starting to lose that role, at least for now. Their start into this competition is not a perfect one and they look like they are struggling. PuckChamp crushed them 2-0 yesterday and that’s alarming. I do think those odds are too good, not to use them in your favour.

Champions League 2021: PuckChamp vs Winstrike

Winstrike @ 1.76

Winstrike are the number 1 team so far in the competition. They showed really great matches and plays and they are holding 1st place so far, well deserved. Winstrike are holding a 4-0 score with 8-1 in maps which is pretty incredible. Dyrachyo is doing a very good job on position 1 and they look like they might pull out a top placement here. On the other side, PuckChamp started this tournament perfectly, with 2-0 win over tournament favourites V Gaming, which is an incredible opening for them. I don’t think they are capable of repeating that kind of performance the 2nd day in a row vs a good team. Winstrike are slight favourites here and I think they should win this. Odds are amazing, maybe too high even.

Champions League 2021: B8 vs Brame

Brame @ 1.79

Brame did disappoint me. Their tournament opening is very bad. 2 losses from 2 matches and they are on the back foot. Close 2-1 win vs the weakest team in the tournament, qwerty, did show some of their weaknesses which is pretty good for their opponents moving forward. B8 is actually a dangerous team for a tier 3 scene when Dendi can group them up, but they are not tournament contenders. Their last clash was too long ago in March, so we can’t count it anymore in their individual performance vs each other. Teams and squads are different. Dendi is out of shape, and I do believe more in Brame’s young lineup. They have some solid individuals that can carry the games when the lineup is good. Odds on Brame ML are amazing, worth going for.