Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - October 14th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - October 14th

Day 3 of The International 10 playoffs is here. On day 2 Fnatic and Quincy Crew were eliminated from the competition. Their road ends here. Today, we are moving on with 2 upper and 2 lower bracket matches. Here are my picks and predictions.

Author: rand 1919
rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
14th Oct, 21

The International 10: T1 vs Alliance

Alliance +1.5 @ 1.68

Alliance are coming to the playoffs after a terrible group stage and 8th place finish in the group A. In the same group T1 ended in the upper part of the rankings, finishing 4th. In their direct group stage clash, T1 won the series dominantly with 2-0. In the playoffs, T1 played a really good 1-2 series against title contenders PSG.LGD. While on the other side, Alliance need to do everything they can to go through the lower bracket. 1-0 vs beastcoast in round 1 was a good start. But now, the best of 3 series is bringing new challenges. T1 are massive favourites here, but as you know, I don’t always favour favourites. I think Alliance can pull off a map here, if they risk everything.

The International 10: Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

Vici Gaming +1.5 @ 1.40

Hard choice here and an amazing series is in front of us. Once again, China versus North America. Vici Gaming are underdogs here according to most of the sportsbooks, and that’s the thing I want to use in our favour. Evil Geniuses are good, but they tend to lose themselves here and there, and Vici is not a team to joke with. I’m pretty positive that Vici Gaming can pull off a map here, if not the whole series. I’m going with handicap, as Vici Gaming showed some decent games in their 1-2 loss vs VirtusPro. It was a loss, but anyway, Vici Gaming can beat EG when they have a good day.

The International 10: Invictus Gaming vs Team Secret

Invictus Gaming @ 2.06

I must pick Invictus Gaming here. I do think China will have it’s TI winner this year, as Chinese teams are just superb. Invictus Gaming is one of the best teams in this tournament. They showed that in their group stage run, not a single loss, just 2 draws. Team Secret crushed OG in round 1 of the upper bracket in a really spectacular fashion. I’m not sure that would be enough vs a team like Invictus. I do cheer for Team Secret here, but my mind says Invictus Gaming to take the series, possibly 2-1, all 3 maps included. Odds on Invictus are amazing and I’m picking that. Very risky, but we still didn’t make an error with 2.00+ odds this playoffs.

The International 10: PSG.LGD vs VirtusPro

PSG.LGD @ 1.37

Lower ML odds here on PSG.LGD, but this could be a safe bet. I think betting on handicaps here is too risky. If I would go with handicaps, I would go with PSG.LGD -1.5, but VirtusPro +1.5 can hit too. PSG.LGD is the absolute number 1 favourite to win The International this year. But let’s not take the credit from VirtusPro for what they’ve done so far. 2nd place in the group A, and 2-1 win vs Vici Gaming in the first round of the playoffs. Pretty impressive performance from CIS squad so far, but this could be end of the line for them, at least in the upper bracket. I think PSG.LGD are massive favourites and if you can get around 1.40 ML odds on them, you should take this bet, with 5 units on it.