Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 22nd

There were no surprises on day 1 of the OGA Dota Pit playoffs. We will watch 2 more days of top tier Dota 2, as the tournament will conclude on Saturday with a best of 5 grand finals. Friday’s matches are really interesting and competition is really hot.

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22nd May, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online Europe/CIS: Alliance vs Team Liquid

Alliance @ 1.73

Overall speaking, Alliance has been much better in this tournament than Team Liquid. Alliance finished 3-1 in the group stage, while Team Liquid finished with only 1 win and 3 losses. After losing map 1 vs FlyToMoon, it seemed like the game was over for Team Liquid, but they managed to get back into the match and win it 2-1. Alliance was destroyed by Team Secret 0-2, again. But that was expected, let’s say it that way. In their last 3 matches, Alliance celebrated a win 2 times, while Liquid has only 1 win. Their last match was 6 days ago in Games Without Borders 2020, where Alliance took the win with 2-0.

Another interesting fact is that Liquid was struggling to beat FlyToMoon on Thursday, while Alliance crushed them a few days ago in the group stage with a 2-0 result. I would say, overall Alliance are slight favourites here, but this match can go either way, depending on how they will draft and how they will feel that day. 3 maps are very likely here, but I would give slight advantage to Alliance just because of Nikobaby, he is carrying them hard and I really love his hard carry style.

OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online Europe/CIS: Team Secret vs OG

OG +1.5 @ 1.88

Never question OG, even if they are playing the best team in the world most probably. The best team in Europe certainly. Team Secret are currently on a 14 game win streak in all their Dota 2 matches lately. Their last loss was vs Team Nigma on March 23rd. Currently, they are crushing their competitions with impeccable drafts, understanding of the game, and rotations. Their MVP is certainly their mid player Misha, who did profile himself as one of the best mid players in Europe. In this competition Team Secret still hasn’t lost a match, even better, they havent’t lost a map.

This upper bracket finals are certainly the match of the day. Most probably the 2 best teams in Europe right now are clashing with each other. First place team from group A vs 1st place team from group B. I do believe these 2 teams are the biggest favourites to take the 1st place in this tournament.

In this match Team Secret are such big favourites, that betting on Secret ML is not worth it because of the low odds. However, never say never vs OG, 2x TI champions. Even though they are playing without their mid player Topson (but with Ceb and MidOne), they surely can take a map vs Team Secret. For that, they will need to show impeccable play on Friday. It is certainly possible, if someone can do it and take a map off Team Secret or even the series, it’s OG. Very risky bet, but rewarding. Remember, Team Secret still hasn’t lost a map in this tournament.


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