Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 1st

WePlay! Pushka League Season 1 continues to shock us. Underdogs are performing and favourites are disappointing. 2 out of 3 favourites lost their matches on Thursday. NaVi dismantled VirtusPro and they are now holding 1st place in the CIS group. What a surprise. Let’s see what Friday can bring us.

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30th Apr, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: B8 vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers -1.5 @ 1.50

As I have already said, B8 is one of the weakest CIS tier 1 squads. They didn’t do anything in the previous ESL One LA Online tournament, and it looks like they don’t have a chance to do anything in this league too. They are currently holding last place in the group with 2 losses. They are 0-4 in maps as they dominantly lost vs NaVi and Team Spirit.

On the other side, HellRaisers is a nice surprise for us all. We knew that they were really good and that they are a really solid CIS team, but are they ready now for the next step? Seems like yes, it seems like this is their patch. They are sharing 1st place in the group with 3 wins vs NaVi, VirtusPro and FlyToMoon. Really impressive results, especially vs Virtus.Pro, who are on the downfall. HellRaisers should win this match, and I don’t give any chance for B8 to do anything here.

WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: FlyToMoon vs Team Spirit

Team Spirit @ 2.12

It’s so weird to see FlyToMoon here as favourites. However, they’ve deserved that title maybe with their last performances. Even though they have only 2 wins from their last 5 matches, they have shown really good performance and games vs Virtus.Pro where they took a map, and by beating VP.Prodigy 2-1, a team that was on a hot streak beforehand.

Team Spirit is a team that can beat anyone in the CIS scene, maybe in the top 4 teams from CIS currently, together with Virtus.Pro, HellRaisers and VP.Prodigy. They have beaten a weak B8 and lost to NaVi and VP.Prodigy. They really had hard matches and games, especially as NaVi woke up and they are dominating this group. In this situation, I would give a slight edge to Team Spirit, because I’m still nostalgic when I remember their ESL One LA Online performance. Amazing odds on Spirit as this match is way more even than the odds show.

WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: Team Liquid vs OG

Team Liquid +1.5 @ 1.51

Team Liquid is really an example that everybody can beat each other in this league. Team Liquid that had looked disastrous in the ESL One LA Online, are now creators of shocking surprises. They crushed Nigma, they crushed Team Secret, but they have lost to NiP and Alliance. It’s really hard to understand those results, but let’s remember teams / players are playing from home and are way more relaxed and chilled then they would be usually in normal circumstances.

OG has 2 defeats, one vs Alliance and another one vs Team Secret. In their last match vs Secret, MidOne played for OG, instead of their temporarily standin Wish-. We still don’t know what their roster will look like for the match vs Liquid. After watching Liquid defeat Team Secret, I must give them some credit, and for that betting on Liquid +1.5 handicap is a good way to go. According to sportsbooks, OG are heavy favourites in this best of 3 match with approximate 1.40 odds.


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