Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 9th

Today we are continuing throughout the week with the predictions and tips on the EPIC League group stage and Snow Sweet Snow Dota 2 tournaments

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
9th Mar, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Snow Sweet Snow #2: PuckChamp vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers @ 1.79

On any other day this would be a really unpredictable match, but I think HellRaisers brought themselves into much better form. PuckChamp is on the 2 match losing streak. Loss vs was not a surprise, but 1-2 loss vs Team Empire showed that they had some problems. Even they showed amazing matches and results in the last weeks, PuckChamp are facing another CIS squad, a really though opponent for them. HellRaisers are just an amazing squad on paper, and if they beat PuckChamp today they will be one step closer to proving their worth. My money’s on HellRaisers to win the series.

EPIC League Season 3: HellRaisers vs Winstrike

HellRaisers @ 1.88

HellRaisers will play 2 important matches today, in a row. And that might be a problem for them, as it will be interesting to see how they will handle it or will they save tactics for this more important EPIC League match vs Winstrike. Two tough matches for them, but I believe they are in the position to take them both. 25 days ago, Winstrike did beat HellRaisers 2-0 in the ESL One CIS lower division, but today is new story. Since then, HellRaisers went through a lot of ups and downs and they started to show glimpses of good Dota lately. Let’s not count Winstrike down, they are on fire too. They have only wins lately, and their only 1-2 loss vs Spirit showed that they can fight even the strongest teams in the CIS region. This is a pure 50-50 match for me, and I think HR ML is a good way to go here.

Snow Sweet Snow #2: vs Hellbear Smashers @ 1.30

This will be their first clash and their first series. are in the top form lately, they are killing it. In their last 5 matches, they didn’t lose a single map, as all their wins were 2-0. Hellbears are decent too, but Misery’s team tends to lose a lot of maps on the way. Their matches are always back and forth fights, and I do believe longterm they are not a stable squad. In the last 5 matches they have only 1 loss vs PuckChamp, but good news for is that teams like Empire and RussianDrill manage to pull off maps vs them. This should go in Viking’s favour, no doubt about that. If you can get 1.30+ odds in this series, ML big bet is a good way to go.

EPIC League Season 3: Tundra Esports vs RussainDrill

Tundra Esports -1.5 @ 1.69

Hard to predict this one, in which direction will go. Tundra should be absolute favourites in this series, but I do think RussianDrill can surprise with a map. Tundra are so unstable in their last series. 0-2 vs Team Unique and close 2-1 win vs Hich Coast Esports. That means they could not be ready for RussianDrill, a team that surprised EXTREMUM and took a map off decent Hellbear Smashers. Fata & co do easy 2-0, but there is a decent chance for RussianDrill too. It’s a coinflip, but I give more chances to Tundra to be able to win it with a clean 2-0. Handicap -1.5 is my suggestion, but keep in mind, this is a very risky one.