Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 8th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 8th

We are opening new week with the Snow Sweet Snow #2 playoffs

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
8th Mar, 21·☕️ 3 min read

We will watch 4 playoff matches on Monday, all from the lower bracket and all in best of 3 format. Here are picks and predictions.

Snow Sweet Snow #2: Creepwave vs Tequila

Creepwave -1.5 @ 1.84

Creepwave were one of the best teams in the group A standings. With 6 wins and 1 loss they ended up in 3rd place in the group, which was not enough for the upper bracket of the playoffs. Tequila is a new young Russian stack, and they’ve barely qualified for the playoffs. With 2 wins out of 7 matches they’ve been dancing on the edge of elimination. Their only wins were vs weak Hippomaniacs and Cascade, two teams that didn’t qualify for the playoffs. This should be easy for Creepwave. If you can get good ML odds, go with that, it’s a safe way, if not Creepwave -1.5 handicap has amazing odds. They can easily win it 2-0.

Snow Sweet Snow #2: Spider Pigz vs Recast Gaming

Recast Gaming @ 1.89

I’m going with Recast Gaming here because of their amazing group stage performance. With 5 wins and 2 losses, they were one of the best surprises in group B. They’ve managed to surprise and take that series 2-1. By the way, that was’s only loss, which is quite surprising. Spider Pigz did terribly in the group stage with only 2 wins. I expected more of them, and I don’t think they can magically recover from that. Odds are quite even for both teams here, so I decided to choose Recast as I think they have slightly more chances in this series. Recast took a map off any other relevant Dota 2 they’ve played recently.

Snow Sweet Snow #2: No Bounty Hunter vs Winstrike

Winstrike @ 1.25

I have a feeling that Winstrike is playing better and better. 3 straight wins in a row, and yesterday they played a close 1-2 series against strong Team Spirit in the EPIC League. Both squads had similar performance in their groups, but Winstrike did slightly better. Their only straight loss was vs PuckChamp, who ended 1st in the group in the end, so that’s a good excuse for them as they’ve got outplayed. Winstrike are big favourites here, ML is a possible good big bet here, if you can find the decent odds, otherwise Winstrike -1.5 is a way to go. Definitely possible.

Snow Sweet Snow #2: B8 vs Brame

Brame @ 1.15

This is such a hard match to bet on. Brame has a high chance of taking this as they are undisputed favourites in the series. However, I feel like there is a 60-40 chance that this match ends as 2-0 for Brame of 2-1 for Brame. Yes, I do believe there is a solid chance that B8 can take a map off Brame in some wild scenario. The risk is too high here for me to bet any of those options. Yes, B8 is one of the worse professional teams in the CIS/EU right now, and they are constantly trying new players, but they know to surprise their opponentes here and there. The thing that goes in Brame’s favour is that they are playing in very good form and B8 didn’t win a single map in their last 4 matches. So Brame -1.5 handicaps looks like a better option here, if you are up for a risk with no high reward.