Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 2nd
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 2nd

Chinese Dota 2 returns with season 3 of FMWH Dota2 Championship (formerly known as CDA-FDC Professional Championship)

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
2nd Mar, 21·☕️ 3 min read

The tournament this season is featuring ten teams from China. Here are my picks and predictions for Day 2 of the event.

FDC Season 3: Vici Gaming vs Sparking Arrow Gaming

Vici Gaming @ 1.15

In a very tight tournament schedule in China, these two teams still haven’t faced each other this season. At the end of the last year, Vici Gaming won almost all matches vs Sparking Arrow Gaming. This time, this season, they are one of the strongest teams out there and I’m positive that they will open this tournament with a win over SAG. In the last 5 matches Vici Gaming has 5 wins with 0 maps lost. Their February was one of their best months until now. In the DPC China Upper Division they are looking amazing too and they are one of the strongest candidates in this tournament too, they can go all the way. Sparking Arrow Gaming is a squad that is struggling a lot lately after they did the roster shuffle. Their last match was a loss vs Dalanjing Gaming, a team that is far lower level compared to Vici. I expect this match to go in a Vici’s favour, straight forward. Or in the best case it could be 2-0, so -1.5 handicap on Vici could be a good direction to go.

FDC Season 3: EHOME vs Team Magma

EHOME @ 1.30

In the offseason, EHOME managed to gather a pretty nice roster of players. Even though they are not in the top 3 Chinese teams yet, they are one of those teams that can always make things complicated. With Chalice, Fade and xNova who are all top tier players, EHOME are looking to regain their top team status. Magma won’t be a problem for them. Their last official win was vs Magma too, and it was 2-0 for EHOME. After that EHOME managed to face all top Chinese teams in a row - Invictus, Aster, Vici and Elephant. They lost all those matches, but their quality is not doubted. Magma has only 1 win in their last 5 official matches, and they are just not on the high level enough to compete with teams like EHOME. This match should go in EHOME’s favour without a doubt, 2-0 is highly possible too. Make your own choice, just be careful, Chinese Dota can be very tricky sometimes.