Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 19th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 19th

For the end of the week we have 4 amazing matches in EPIC League Division 1 and 2.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
18th Mar, 21·☕️ 3 min read

With vs Team Spirit as match of the day, fun is guaranteed. Let’s analyze all matches for today.

EPIC League Division 2: EXTREMUM vs VP.Prodigy


Amazing odds on EXTREMUM here. Even though they have only lost lately, they are in a good position to take this series. 44% win rate vs 53% win rate on VP’s side. In all their last 4 matches, EXTREMUM managed to lose with a 1-2 score. All matches were close ones. Compared to VP.Prodigy, they have much worse stats, as VP.Prodigy has a win over Team Empire. Both teams are in terrible form, but EXTREMUM should win this on experience. With some experienced players that they have and a decent roster, they shouldn’t have any problems vs unknown VP.Prodigy. High stakes match, as the loser is eliminated from the tournament.

EPIC League Division 2: Team Empire vs Team Unique

Team Unique @ 1.64

I expected more from Team Unique yesterday when they played PuckChamp. However, 1-2 score is not bad vs solid opponents like PuckChamp, but I thought they could win the series. They have it, their form is rising, they surprised and took maps off some better squads, and I don’t see the reason why they shouldn’t win vs Team Empire. In the last 1 month, those two teams played each other two times and Team Unique took victories both times. With Team Empire’s unstable lineup and constant rotations in the roster, Unique is looking like even bigger favourites here.

EPIC League Division 1: Tundra vs High Coast Esports

Tundra @ 1.35

This year, Tundra has beat High Coast twice already. And that 2nd win was less than 2 weeks ago. Overall, Tundra has more quality, more potential and more aggressivity that they need to beat a team like High Coast. Tundra’s only loss recently was vs Team Spirit, which was a tough one. On the other side, the High Coast is in the same position. From their last 5 matches, they lost only 1, and that was vs the same squad, Team Spirit. This could be the closest match of the day if we are analysing the team’s trends and form, but I believe Tundra will come on top. Lower Bracket round 3 is very dangerous as there is no other chance. Loser is eliminated, as the winner will play in the lower bracket finals.

EPIC League Division 1: vs Team Spirit @ 2.09

Strangely enough, is a slight underdog here. How can a team that won so much in the last months be an underdog vs Team Spirit. Well, Team Spirit is the biggest surprise of the tournament, for sure. They are overperforming every opponent they play. Only team that managed to take a map off them recently is Winstrike. I must go with the underdog here, Spirit is strong currently, that’s undoubting, but I do believe can take this on their experience and surprise. At any point in time, like 1 or 2 months ago, I would pick without a doubt, but today, there is a big doubt. This could be a 50-50 match, but I see a lot of value in bet. Double returns.