Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 22nd

Only three more days until the end of Beyond Epic group stage. The picture is starting to get clear and we already see which teams are potential candidates for top 4 in their groups. Some teams like Team Secret will have a hard schedule in the upcoming 3 days, as they need to play all 5 matches.

rand 1919
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22nd Jun, 20·☕️ 4 min read

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: FlyToMoon vs Team Empire

FlyToMoon -1.5 @ 1.85

FlyToMoon is on fire. After a 2 week hiatus from official Dota 2 matches and tournaments, they killed their first matches in this tournament. They lost to Team Liquid, which was maybe expected, but they’ve destroyed Alliance, NiP and Virtus.Pro, all with 2-0 results. Amazing performance from them overall and they are currently in the top 2 Dota squads from CIS region, together with VP.Prodigy.

Team Empire is the biggest surprise recently on the EU / CIS Dota scene. Their good performances earned the academy squad a spot as the main team of Team Empire, and since then they have been creating a real chaos on the scene. With beating Alliance, and taking a map off Liquid they are surely a worthy underdog to watch for. FlyToMoon are big favourites here, as they are looking almost flawless in their recent matches. They are interesting to watch, they are aggressive and they have nice drafts. They should win this match, and FlyToMoon ML is the safe bet here if you can catch up to a decent odds. On the other note, -1.5 handicap on FTM is another good bet which I’m going for. It’s a big risk, but they are a better team than the Empire, they are capable of winning 2-0 vs Empire.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Team Secret vs Unique

Team Secret -1.5 @ 1.30

After winning 5 tournaments in a row this year, Team Secret is back. This will be their first match in the Beyond Epic tournament and they are opening their group A play with a match vs Unique. One of the 2 teams that managed to beat them recently. Their last match 25 days ago was a sloppy one, and Unique managed to surprise Team Secret and take a 2-0 win, in a ESL One Birmingham group stage match.

Almost one month later, the situation is no different. Unique is here to try to surprise Team Secret, even though they are not in good form right now. Unique has 4 straight losses in group A of this tournament with a 1-8 map win-loss ratio. Team Secret are undisputedly the best team in Europe right now, and Team Unique has no chance here, or shouldn’t have a chance. Dota can always surprise us. This match should be a 2-0 for Team Secret.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: VirtusPro vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid @ 1.45

I had high hopes for Virtus.Pro yesterday. They’ve come back to the scene after almost 1 month of hiatus. They are an amazing team, and I did think that the pause will be good for them. Recuperate, analyse their mistakes, practice and adjust to the new patch. However they’ve shown yesterday that they didn’t do anything about that. They are looking worse and worse, even worse than before the pause. Two matches in the one day, and both losses. 0-2 vs Alliance and 0-2 vs FlyToMoon brought them to last place in their group currently. Something is not working for them, and I do think they will need to change something in their lineup pretty soon.

On the other side, Team Liquid has already secured 1st place and playoff spot, as they have 4 straight wins. Virtus.Pro is the last team they need to play, and I do think they will win that easily. VP didn’t show anything yesterday and they are looking lost, while Team Liquid is on fire, and I’m positive that they can’t break Liquid. Only minus could be that Liquid already secured their position, and they might take this match lightly.


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