Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 19th

Four days of BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS are behind us already. The picture is starting to get clear and we are seeing which teams are in top form currently and who will be the throne pretenders. After 4 rounds only Team Liquid has a 100% win ratio and we are still waiting for Team Secret to play their first official tournament matches.

rand 1919
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19th Jun, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Alliance vs FlyToMoon

FlyToMoon @ 1.88

In their first match, I went against FlyToMoon. I didn’t think they would perform very well after 2 weeks of zero official matches. But they have proved me wrong. They’ve demolished NiP 2-0 in their first round, and they deserved to be equal in today’s match vs Alliance. Alliance started this competition on a very bad note. 0-2 vs Empire, 0-2 vs Liquid, but 2-0 vs NiP.

FlyToMoon just looks solid, and I would say they are one level above Team Empire right now. If Empire beat Alliance, FlyToMoon can do it too. There are no clear favourites here, as both teams have similar odds. I just like FlyToMoon more, V-Tune is just an outstanding carry player, and Alliance’s S4 is making too many mistakes. Those mistakes are usually costing them a lot. I feel like Alliance is winning only because of Nikobaby’s amazing performances, who is their best player by far.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Unique vs OG

OG -1.5 @ 1.40

What to say about this match? Team Unique is maybe the worst team in this tournament, even if I do think they can do much better. They have 5 straight losses and they are holding last place in group A currently with both matches lost. 0-4 in the map win-loss ratio. Pretty bad as they have to play now vs one of the best EU teams, OG.

Even though OG are still not in the top form, and are still “warming up”, I would say everything other than OG’s 2-0 win here would be a big surprise. OG did beat Nigma 2-1 in their first match of the tournament. There is just a big difference in the levels here.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: B8 vs Team Nigma

Team Nigma -1.5 @ 1.46

B8’s new lineup is really surprising me. Dendi managed to gather a completely new group of players behind his back, and they started their journey really well. In their first match in this competition they took a 2-0 win over Team Unique, even if they were heavy underdogs in that match. On the other side, Nigma has 2 wins and 1 loss for now. They’ve managed to beat Unique and, but they’ve lost to OG.

However they are playing really well, much better then previous weeks and they are improving slowly. They should take this match easily vs one of the weakest teams in this competition. I always say how -1.5 handicaps are a very risky bet, but I don’t see anything else here that can happen. If Nigma doesn’t make too many mistakes, and if Miracle will be on his usual level, they will do it.


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