Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 18th

We are going into day 4 of the BEYOND EPIC EU/CIS tournament. The situation is getting pretty hot as some teams are falling apart and we still haven’t seen Team Secret perform in this tournament. Here is the analysis for the day 4 matches.

rand 1919
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18th Jun, 2020·☕️ 4 min read

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Alliance vs NiP

NiP @ 2.10

Alliance is looking terrible lately, and they’ve entered this league with 2 straight losses. Their loss against Liquid was kind of expected, but their loss vs Team Empire was a shocker. And it came on the day 1 of the event. They have 4 straight losses in their match history, and in their last 5 matches they have won only 2 maps.

However, NiP is no different. They are on downfall too, and they are struggling a lot, even a little bit longer then Alliance. However, they managed to beat Team Empire with ease, while they lost to FlyToMoon the day after. The same as Alliance, they have 4 losses in their 5 official Dota 2 matches.

This match will be the battle of two teams in terrible form. Alliance is a favourite here, but I don’t see any reason why they should be. They are not playing anything better then NiP. I do think this will be a close match and that NiP has a chance here due to their opponent’s low form lately. They can surprise Alliance, and I’m again going against the odds.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Nigma vs

Nigma @ 1.27

Nigma is rising in their form as matches and tournaments go by and they are heavy favourites here. A month ago maybe they wouldn’t be so favoured, as played amazingly and they were cleaning the floor with some strong EU teams. However, today’s situation is a little bit different.

Nigma is struggling to beat top EU teams like Secret and OG, but they can beat any other team in the EU / CIS scene. included. Nigma has 1 win vs Unique and 1 loss vs OG for now, while has played only 1 match, and that was their win vs Unique. How will they perform in this match?

Well, it’s hard to say because they are not so stable right now. They had some good performances recently but not vs a team like Nigma. Nigma will win this match I feel like, but if will have a good day they can take a map for sure. Safest bet would be Nigma ML if you can find decent odds (1.30+) but if you want to risk a little bit I would suggest going for the Nigma -1.5 handicap. Odds are amazing and it’s definitely possible, Nigma is a way better team now.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: B8 vs Unique

Unique @ 1.60

B8 has never beaten Team Unique. However, B8 has a fully new lineup that they acquired recently. Well, almost new, only Dendi is left from the old roster. I was surprised because they showed better results than the old roster, but they are not the squad that will do anything on the international scene. I’m positive that Unique is a much better team right now with much better players and much higher potential for the future.

Even though Unique has 4 losses in a row, I do believe they are favourites here and that they will take this series. I think we will see all 3 maps here. Unique is 0-2 currently in this league, as they’ve lost both matches, vs and Nigma. B8 still has to play their first match. I do think in group A those two teams will fight for the last 2-3 places in the group at the best. Those are the weakest teams in the group, and I hardly believe they can do anything. This will be very interesting match between 2 tier 2 CIS squads. Unique ML bet for me. However, be careful here because the whole CIS Dota scene is so unstable, that a lot of surprises can happen.


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