Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 16th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 16th

Twelve top teams in Europe & CIS are competing in the BEYOND EPIC tournament. Team Secret has won five tournaments in a row. Any of the other teams attending would love the bragging rights as the team who won an event over Team Secret. Let’s see what can happen on day 2 of this event.

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16th Jun, 20·☕️ 4 min read

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Ninjas In Pyjamas vs Team Empire

Ninjas In Pyjamas @ 1.47

Team Empire just promoted their academy squad, Team Empire Hope to the main team. That means they did something good right? Well yes, in the last month or so they’ve played really well and they were beating really good European / CIS teams. They’ve deserved it. They’ve continued their performance on the day 1 of this tournament by beating Alliance with a clean 2-0. That was a shocker as most of the people expected that Alliance would take that series easily, but it didn’t happen.

NiP managed to play a very close series against Team Liquid, but in the end they lost 1-2. Even though I do think that NiP is a much stronger and compact squad on the paper, Team Empire has a chance here. Especially if they will play like they did vs Alliance yesterday. NiP are on a 4 match losing streak, while Team Empire broke their losing streak yesterday vs Alliance. That could go to all 3 maps, but I would place safer bet here, on NiP. NiP is showing potential and even if they are in little crisis at the moment, I believe in them, that they could break out on the top of the EU Dota scene. Team Empire is still a little question mark for me. Let’s see how they will perform in the next few days.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Team Nigma vs OG

OG @ 1.81

This must be the Dota 2 match of the day. Two of the best teams in Europe right now facing each other again. Their last clash was 2 days ago at the BLAST Bounty Hunt tournament, where OG took the 2-0 win over Team Nigma. Seems like both teams are growing their confidence and rising up in their form as the season goes on. OG looked pretty good in the Bounty Hunt tournament compared to the previous tournaments they’ve been playing.

For Nigma I can say the same. I would say both teams are currently even in terms of their form and gameplay, but neither of the teams can match Team Secret right now. In the last 1 month or so, they played 3 times, and OG took the win all 3 times. Topson is finally getting familiar with Dota 2 again, after a long long break, and together with Sumail they are a really unbreakable duo. Even though odds are kinda even on both teams, I would give a slight edge here to OG to take this match. They just looked slightly better in their previous matches.

BEYOND EPIC Europe/CIS: Alliance vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid @ 1.61

Yesterday, Alliance dropped a series vs Team Empire 0-2. It looked like Nikobaby played 1v5 again. S4 played really bad, and there was no team play. So I am not sure how they will perform today vs a much stronger team like Team Liquid. Alliance haven’t taken a single map win in their last 3 matches. Looks like they’ve dropped into some crisis I would say. After their 2nd place at ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online: Europe & CIS, their consistency in results and wins is no more. They are dropping maps and series everywhere.

On the other side Team Liquid is performing when they need it the most. Don’t get me wrong, they are not one of the most consistent teams either, but they are doing much better than Alliance lately. In the last 25 days they’ve played vs Alliance 2 times, and both times they’ve won the match with clean 2-0. Liquid has a solid 2-1 win over NiP from day 1 of this event, and I do believe they can continue their solid form in this match vs Alliance too. Alliance is in a knockdown, and Liquid will use this to win for sure. I’ve said many times, how Alliance can’t always be addicted to Nikobaby’s plays and individual performance. If the rest of the team is not backing them up, they will lose. It won’t be easy for Liquid, but I expect them to win this match.

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