Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - July 23rd
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - July 23rd

For the end of this week we have a few very interesting matches and series.

rand 1919
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22nd Jul, 21·☕️ 3 min read

i-League 2021 is moving to the crucial stage and we are following the loser bracket match, while D2CL 2021 is going into day 5.

i-League 2021: Invictus Gaming vs RNG

Invictus Gaming @ 1.40

This should be easy for Invictus Gaming right? IG did beat RNG two times in the i-League 2021 group stage. Both times with a clean 2-0 result. However, this is a playoff match, a lot is on the line and those two teams are facing off in the lower bracket, which means the loser is eliminated. High stage matches and because of that I do think that IG is in a big advantage. Experience should be on their side, and they shouldn’t allow this win to slip from them, right before The International. IG ML is my pick here.

Champions League 2021: Fantastic Five vs Hellbear Smashers

Hellbear Smashers -1.5 @ 1.77

Hellbear Smashers are turning into big favourites in this tournament. Even though they are playing with a slightly changed lineup, they are crushing all teams they face. 3 matches, 3 straight 2-0 wins and 4th win is smiling here, because Fantastic Five is not a team that would be able to threaten an international team like Hellbear Smashers. I’m certain about Hellbears victory, but -1.5 handicap is something worth considering. They are surely capable of 2-0’ing their opponent today since all their previous results in this tournament were 2-0. They still didn’t lose a single map as they are looking really serious.

Champions League 2021: AS Monaco Gambit vs Chicken Fighters

Over 2.5 @ 1.93

This match is a serious contender for a 3 map series. Both Chicken Fighters and Gambit are teams that are capable of taking maps off all their opponents here. Gambit with a slightly adjusted lineup is currently 1-2, while CF are 0-1. Gambit looked extremely bad vs Winstrike, whole Chicken Fighters were crushed by Team Unique which was pretty weird to me. However, this is a series that can be won by both teams, so I suggest you bet on maps here. 50-50 series, odds on winner are kinda even, so place a handicap bet or Over 2.5 maps, which is quite possible.