Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - January 30th

Hainan Master Spring Invitational - CIS Qualifiers are moving on. Today, another 2 teams will go home and will be out of the qualifiers. It’s losers bracket time.

rand 1919
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30th Jan, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

Hainan Master Spring Invitational - CIS Qualifier: Ursus Gaming vs Empire Hope

Ursus Gaming @ 1.58

It’s time for the losers bracket round 2 match. Sadly, the loser is out of the tournament. Ursus Gaming had a good opening match in the qualifiers beating jfshfh178 with clear 2-0 score. After that they were demolished by ForZe in the next round, and now they need to face Empire Hope. Young team, very unpleasant. Empire Hope has a defeat in the first match of the qualifiers vs Unique Gaming, but surprisingly they have managed to beat FlyToMoon with cla ose but fast 2-1 score. They managed to take a 3rd map with faa st 16 minute win vs their opponents. The fastest game until now in this qualifiers. FlyToMoon were my favourites to take this qualifiers. Even if they are the strongest on the paper, they didn’t manage to utilize their potential and individual strength. Here, in this match, I think Ursus Gaming has more chance to take this match. We will most probably see all 3 maps.

Hainan Master Spring Invitational - CIS Qualifier: Team Unique vs jfshfh178

Jfshfh178 @ 1.46

On the other side of the same losers bracket round 2, we have a match between Unique and jfshfh178. Unique won vs Team Empire Hope in round 1 of the qualifiers, but was immediately sent to the lower brackets after that by HellRaisers, who are looking strong and dominant in this tournament. Jfshfh178 lost to Ursus with a surprising 0-2 score, but they have managed to bounce back in the lower bracket, and take a 2-1 win vs Extremum to advance to the next round. How will this match look? I give a small advantage to jfshfh178. Maybe a weird pick for many, but I think they are the more experienced and well rounded team. Anything other than a Jfshfh178 victory here will shock me. But in the end, this tournament qualifiers are full or surprises, so never count Team Unique out completely.


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