Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - January 27th

The DPC Season just started and it’s already getting hotter and hotter

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
27th Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Dota these days is all about DPC season and regional leagues. Season just started and it’s already getting hotter and hotter. Today we are following three matches. All matches are from the top divisions in it’s regions. We will follow SEA, European and North American matches today. Here are my picks and predictions for Wednesday.

Dota PGL Pro Circuit: Execration vs Fnatic

Fnatic @ 1.25

I’m highly confident that this is the match of the day in the SEA region. Fnatic is one of the strongest teams in the region right now, and after slight changes in their lineup, they are looking better and better. Yes, Fnatic are big favourites here, but Execration can make a mess for sure. They did prove they are capable of that in their first series in this league. They’ve crushed the TNC Predator with a comfortable 2-0 result. That was an impressive start for them as nobody expected that win vs one of the SEA favourites. Fnatic on the other side started their journey strong too, with a 2-0 win vs T1. Both teams did show good games in the round 1, however this will be something else. I do think Fnatic has all that it takes for them to win this series, but let’s be careful here.

DreamLeague: High Coast Esports vs Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports @ 1.58

This will be the clash of two new organizations that entered Dota 2 world just recently. High Coast Esports picked up Chicken Fighters, while Tundra picked up Mudgolems. Both teams went through the roster adjustments recently as both rosters are looking really interesting. Tundra with Skiter, 33 and Fata are leading the charge today to beat ex Chicken Fighters and ex NiP squad. Both teams started their EU Upper Division with two losses. High Coast lost to Liquid and OG. Actually they’ve managed to take a map off OG which was quite impressive. Tundra lost to Secret and OG. They had most probably the hardest schedule of all teams while facing both Secret and OG in the first 2 rounds. They did solid work vs Secret pulling out a map off them. However this time, it looks like both teams are kinda equal right now and I’m having a hard time picking the overall winner here. High Coast can take a map off for sure, but I do believe Tundra are just slightly better right now, so my pick is on them.

OGA DPC South America: Team Unknown vs Thunder Predator

Thunder Predator @ 1.27

Peru is the strongest nation in South America. And here, in this clash we will watch 2 Peruvian teams battling it out. Both teams started on a wrong foot, with losses. Unknown lost to beastcoast with a 0-2, while Thunder Predator surprisingly lost to Infamous with the same result. Team Unknown came to the Upper Division through the closed qualifiers with just one loss. However, this is another level of Dota now. Especially if they need to play vs Thunder Predator, Infamous or beastcoast, some of the best teams in the region. I think the safest bet here would be Thunder Predator ML, but Team Unknown +1.5 is a pretty good pick too in case odds are higher than 1.70. My pick here is Thunder Predator to win the match.


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