Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - January 24th

We already have the two DreamLeague Season 13 upper bracket finalists. Now is the time that we analyse the situation in the lower bracket. We have 2 interesting matches in the lower bracket coming up on Friday.

rand 1919
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24th Jan, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

DreamLeague Season 13: beastcoast vs Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming @ 1.38

What is there to say about team like beastcoast. They are most probably the biggest underdog in this competition. They finished 3rd in group B, right behind Team Secret and Vici Gaming. A really tough group for them and now they are fighting their way through the lower bracket. They won against paiN Gaming 1-0 and surprisingly yesterday they won against Nigma with a 2-1 score. It has been a really impressive lower bracket run for now. But now, their Peruvian lineup will be put to a really big test - Invictus Gaming. Beastcoast already got destroyed by one Chinese team, Vici Gaming, and now they need to play another one in the lower bracket round 3.

On the other side, Invictus Gaming came from the upper bracket, where they played Vici Gaming and lost the match with a close 1-2 result. Their next lower bracket clash was vs another Chinese team, Aster Gaming, the match that they have won 2-1. On paper, IG are a way better team but beastcoast showed us that they can surprise us all. By beating Nigma, they left so many questions unanswered. In the end, I don’t think that beastcoast can pull off another surprise. IG are a way better team and they should able to learn from Nigma’s mistakes and outclass the Peruvians. Sadly for Peruvian fans, i think this is the end of their tournament run. My pick here is: Invictus Gaming.

DreamLeague Season 13: TNC Predator vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid @ 2.28

TNC ended in last place in group A, while Liquid ended in 3rd position. Both teams were struggling during the opening stage of this DreamLeague Season 13. However, if we analyse the last few months, TNC Predator has been a far more successful team. 1st place ESL Chengdu Major and 1st place ESL One Hamburg. But now it seems like they are dropping in form. On the other side it looks like Liquid are rising in their form, they are playing better and better. TNC won against Reality Rift and Fnatic in the lower bracket, while Team Liquid have beaten two CIS powerhouses, Virtus.Pro and Natus Vincere. I have a feeling that this match will be way closer than the odds are suggesting.

According to the odds, TNC Predator are the favored team to win here, but I don’t think it will be easy at all. Liquid really impressed me with their strategic play vs Natus Vincere where they dominated both games. Can they repeat such amazing play vs SEA favourites? I think they can. Will it be easy? No, it won’t. But I do think those odds are not telling us the right story. Liquid has a chance to win, same as TNC, and I have decided to give a slight more chance to Team Liquid. Safer bet would be Liquid +1.5 handicap, but if you want risky, but highly rewarding bet, Liquid is a way to go. My pick here is: Team Liquid.


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