Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 9th

Today we will follow DPC matches in 3 regions and we will follow playoff matches of Snow Sweet Snow

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
9th Feb, 21·☕️ 5 min read

Today is a very interesting day of Dota. We will follow DPC matches in 3 regions. Together with that we will follow playoff matches of Snow Sweet Snow, an European online tier 3 tournament which has quite an interesting series. Here are my short predictions and picks for each match.

Snow Sweet Snow: EXTREMUM vs NoUndying


This should be an interesting match between two tier 2 CIS squads. I do think EXTREMUM is a slightly better team and they’ve shown that in their last series vs NoUndying, 15 days ago. They took the series 2-1 in the group A of the same tournament. This will be a very close series, 3 maps possible, 60-40 in favour of EXTREMUM.

Snow Sweet Snow: Brame vs Imperial Pro Gaming

Imperial Pro Gaming @ 1.91

I’m suggesting a value bet here. Brame are favourites on most of the sportsbooks, but Imperials will have their chance. They showed amazing performance in the group stage of this tournament. With 5 wins and 2 losses they’ve ended their group stage run in the top 3. On the other side, Brame had a hard 5th place with only 3 wins out of 7 matches. However, Brame surprised us with yesterday’s win vs Spider Pigz. 2-1 for Brame. They can go hard on the wings of that victory.

DreamLeague DPC EU Lower Division: Hippomaniacs vs Meta4Pro

Hippomaniacs @ 1.66

Those are the two weakest teams in the EU DPC lower division. Hippomaniacs played 4 matches and they have 4 straight losses, while Meta4Pro played 3 matches, and they have 3 losses. Only difference is that Meta4Pro managed to win one map in this tourney so far. This can be a bloodbath, but Hippomaniacs looks better somehow. There is basically zero info on Meta4Pro and it’s players. Basically an amateur squad. Hippomaniacs are no better, but at least experience is on their side.

Snow Sweet Snow: Ceepwave vs PuckChamp

Creepwave @ 1.53

Interestingly enough, both teams ended in top 2 in their groups, which was a real surprise. Nobody expected to see them perform so well, so we can say that those teams were the biggest surprises in this tournament. Both teams are looking very solid going into this match. Both squads are around 75% win ratio and this will be a hard match for both of the teams. 3 maps are highly possible here, but I believe more in Creepwave’s victory here. Somehow I like their style more. Plus they were almost impeccable in the group stage, finishing 1st with only one 1-2 loss.

DreamLeague DPC EU Upper Division: Nigma vs OG

OG ML @ 1.71

Some say always go with OG, as we know how strong mentally they are. They are in the mode that they can beat anyone, but they can lose to anyone too. That’s their current state I think, so this match can be very dangerous. OG is 2-1, Nigma is 2-2 in this division currently, which doesn’t give too much edge to each of those teams. Statistically, their matches are always close and tend to go to all 3 maps. I must pick OG here as the winners of this series, as it’s very dangerous to go against them. You never know when w33 from Nigma can have bad performance, and so many things depend on him. He is such a player.

Snow Sweet Snow: Hellbear Smashers vs Spider Pigz

Spider Pigz +1.5 @ 1.67

This should be an interesting one. Hellbear Smashers are on an amazing winning streak. They’ve ended their group stage run with 5 wins and only 2 losses, while Spider Pigz went 6-1. However Spider Pigz had one very hard match yesterday vs Brame. In their 1-2 loss to Brame they showed all the weakness. However, before that series they had some amazing wins vs teams like Nemiga, Imperial Pro Gaming and others. Surely, they can pull off a map here. +1.5 handicap on Pigz is the best bet to do here. Odds on Hellbears are so small, that handicap on the opponent team has a big value.

DreamLeague DPC EU Upper Division: Alliance vs Tundra Esports

Alliance @ 1.53

Oh yea, Alliance is back. However, Tundra is here to break everyone’s plans. 1-2 vs OG, and 2-0 vs High Coast Esports and Team Liquid are very respectable results. They’ve crushed Liquid and I wonder if Alliance will be strong enough today to show their full potential. I doubt NikoBaby will let this happen. He is just too good, but he will have a real competition now in terms of Skitter, who is playing better and better. Odds on Alliance win are pretty decent and I suggest taking it. Alliance crushed OG with 2-0, just like Tundra crushed Liquid.

DPC 2021 North America Upper Division: 4 Zoomers vs 5ManMidas

4 Zommers -1.5 @ 1.35

This one should be easy. 5ManMidas are one of two worst teams in the NA upper division. They are holding last place with 4 straight losses. 4 Zoomers are not showing strong performances like last season, but they are here. Middle of the table with 2 wins and 2 losses. They can make it 3 for sure, 3 wins. 5ManMidas are nowhere on the level of 4 Zoomers and if 4 Zoomers will play their A game they should win easily. My pick here is a 2-0 for 4 Zoomers.