Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 4th

Today we are following Dota 2 action in SEA, European and North American regions.

rand 1919
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4th Feb, 21·☕️ 5 min read

Teams like BOOM, Gambit, T1, VirtusPro and Quincy Crew are playing their matches today. It will be an exciting Dota DPC day. Here are my picks for Thursday.

DPC 2021 Southeast Asia Upper Division: BOOM vs T1

T1 @ 1.74

In the last year, their matches were always back and forth. Each time a different team won. However, T1 has a different squad now, and they are making their mark. However, BOOM is not a team that they should take lightly. Favoured Fnatic lost to BOOM yesterday in a close 1-2 series. That was a surprise to many. BOOM are 2-1 now, while T1 are 1-1 with one match less. On paper, T1 are looking slightly stronger, but it’s worrying that T1 lost to Fnatic with a devastating 0-2 a few days back. Still I do think this will be a very close match with 3 maps. T1 are my favourites here, by very little 5%.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: Gambit vs Imperial Pro Gaming

Gambit @ 2.15

Both teams here are in very bad shape. It’s understandable for Imperial Pro Gaming, as their squad on the paper is the biggest mystery in this division. Gambit on the other side are disappointing a lot of people. With a really decent stack of players, they still weren’t able to do anything significant. Both teams have 2 losses out of 2 matches in this tournament, but IPG won 1 map more than Gambit. Gambit with a new lineup are on a 4 match losing streak, while IPG are on a 3 match winning streak in other tournaments vs the same caliber of teams like Gambit. Yes, Gambit are not favourites here at all, but I do believe in them somehow. This is a big gamble and there is a pretty high risk to lose the money, but value on Gambit is big. CIS scene is so unstable that this happening wouldn’t be a surprise.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: Winstrike vs VP.Prodigy

Winstrike @ 1.41

Another CIS lower division series is here. Winstrike is the 1st placed team in the division right now. With 3 wins out of 3 matches they are looking like a real deal here. They had 2 really strong wins vs Gambit and vs Imperial Pro Gaming. Those wins could be the sign where they will end at the end of the road. At the top, at least of this lower division. They finally have a decent mix of players, and their teamplay is nice. Youngsters from VP.Prodigy are still new to the professional scene and pressure for them is very high. Experience is not there and with 1 win and 2 losses they are currently holding 4th place. Not bad for them for the completely new squad, but very bad overall. I don’t think they can compete with Winstrike on this level currently. Winstrike should take this and odds on their win are quite good.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: Virtus.Pro vs Unique

Virtus.Pro -1.5 @ 1.30

Virtus.Pro are one of two best squads in this upper division. They will fight for 1st place for sure, together with NaVi, there is no doubt about that. Unique is the last team in the division. With 2 losses they are looking less and less competitive here. Virtus.Pro, on the other side, has 2 strong dominant wins vs Live to Win and Empire. Two 2-0 matches as they are looking good. I don’t think Unique can do anything in this series, they are just matched vs much better teams with better players on all positions. Easy win for Virtus.Pro.

DPC 2021North America Upper Division: SadBoys vs 5ManMidas

SadBoys -1.5 @ 1.48

I don’t like these -1.5 handicaps so much. But that’s the only logical choice here. 5ManMidas are the last team in the division with 3 straight losses. This mix of players is not working in this very unstable NA scene. Basically they are 5 amateurs playing for this new stack. There is no better situation on the other side either, but SadBoys have experience on their backs. The International winners, ppd and Fear are sailing this ship. SadBoys will take this match for sure, but there is a higher risk in this handicap. If you want to get something out of this match, -1.5 handicap is the only logical choice.

DPC 2021North America Upper Division: Quincy Crew vs A-Team

Quincy Crew -1.5 @ 1.30

There is almost the same situation here too. In this clash, David (A-Team) will fight Goliath (Quincy Crew). The story would be nice, but I highly doubt David will beat Goliath this time. Quincy Crew were the best and the strongest North American Dota 2 squad in the 2020. They opened this tournament with 2 dominant wins, and I do believe they will continue in that fashion. A-Team is just a very weird stack of players from all regions. The stack that won’t do anything in this division sadly. After 3 rounds, they are 0-3 without a map won. Compared to Quincy’s 2-0, and 4-0 in maps. Heaven and earth. Difference in quality is very likely to be seen in this match.


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