Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 3rd

SEA region is again giving us an amazing series between Fnatic and BOOM, two title contenders. On the other side of the world, Team Secret is getting back in action.

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3rd Feb, 21·☕️ 4 min read

DPC 2021 Southeast Asia Upper Division: Fnatic vs BOOM

Fnatic @ 1.31

Wednesday will be one of the most interesting days this week. Fnatic and BOOM are opening the match list today. Fnatic are one of the favourites to take the SEA Upper division, but they have really hard competition in BOOM, TNC Predator and Neon, the team that surprised us all. In this clash Fnatic should have a huge advantage. 2 wins, 4-0 in maps are their scores after 2 rounds. On the other side BOOM are 1-1. They’ve lost to Neon, a team that is holding the top of the rankings currently. Let’s just say that in the last 6 months Fnatic have never beaten BOOM. 3 matches, 3 losses. With new Fnatic’s lineup they should be able to do it today as they are playing really well.

DreamLeague DPC EU Upper Division: Team Secret vs Team Nigma

Team Secret @ 1.47

Finally, two of the biggest rivals will finally meet again. Puppey vs Kuroky. Two of the biggest captains in Europe will finally clash. I must say that Nigma is rising in form pretty fast. Since Kuroky returned to the active roster, they are crushing and they are playing really well. Only danger for them should be w33’s bad plays, as he tends to have those very often. If that happens again, Secret will just crush them. GH is one of Nigma’s biggest strengths, as his Earth Spirit plays usually bring the advantage to them. Both teams managed to get 2 wins in the first 2 rounds of European DPC division. However, Secret lost just one map, Nigma two. This can go to all 3 maps potentially, but I favour Secret. Yes, they had a bad end of the year, but seems like they returned to their old form after the break. They look good, and as we know they were surely the best team in Europe in the last year.

DreamLeague DPC EU Lower Division: No Bounty Hunter vs burjui

burjui +1.5 @ 2.29

This match could be a bloodbath. Both squads are very low ranked and they are fighting for their lives. Even though NBH has 2 wins and 1 loss, they’ve managed to get that vs much lower teams. 2-0 vs Hippomaniacs and 2-1 vs Meta4Pro are decent results, but those teams are on their level or even lower. NBH are such big favourites here that betting on them is not worth it. Both teams are filled with unknown players and both teams are making a ton of mistakes in their plays. Their matches look like real pub matches. And I see an advantage for us here. Burjui will have a hard time, that’s true, but they can pull off a map for sure in some weird scenario. Their win vs Brame showed that.

DPC South America Upper Division: Infamous vs SG Esports

Infamous @ 1.48

Both squads were directly invited to this upper division, and for now I would say they both disappointed. Both teams have 1 win and 1 loss, and this is a crucial match for them as they are direct competition for the top of the rankings. Infamous surprised us all with their top notch 2-0 win vs Thunder Predator, one of the top favourites to take this tournament. On the other side, they were crushed by Team Unknown, which was pretty devastating. SG Esports lost to Thunder Predator pretty badly and they’ve barely managed to pull off a win vs a weak NoPing Esports, with a close 2-1 result. When I put everything on the pile, Infamous are a better squad right now and even if their performance can vary, they should be able to take a win against Brazilians.


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