Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - December 16th

Today, we have few interesting matches in China Dota2 Development League Season 2.

rand 1919
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16th Dec, 2019·☕️ 2 min read

EHOME.Immortal vs Team Serenity: China Dota2 Development League Season 2, Group Stage

Team Serenity @ 1.66

China Dota2 Development League is league where big chinese organization train their young academy players. EHOME.Immortal is currently on 5th place in the group stages with 2-3 match score, while Team Serenity still didn’t play any of it’s matches. We still didn’t see them in action in the new patch, so need to be careful here. Overall, Serenity is slight favourite here, with little more known players like Roddgeee or ghost. About EHOME.Immortal players we still don’t know much. I would say that Team Serenity is safe bet here, they can take this match and get their first win in this league.

Keen Gaming Luminous vs Team Serenity: China Dota2 Development League Season 2, Group Stage

Over 2.5 @ 1.92

Keen Gaming is looking pretty good at the start of this league with 2-2 match score. They are positioned on 4th place currently, while they already played some stronger teams like Sparking Arrow Gaming (they lost it 0-2). Team Serenity is small favourite here too, but this match will be much closer than EHOME.Immortal vs Serenity i think. Potential upset here is possible, that’s why i would go with over 2.5 maps bet. Possible 2-1 for each team here.


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