Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - August 25th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - August 25th

3 more days until the end of i-League 2021 group stage. Everything is still open and all teams are still in play for the playoffs and for the elimination.

rand 1919
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25th Aug, 21·☕️ 2 min read

i-League 2021: Aster.Aries vs Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming -1.5 @ 1.57

For now, it seems like Aster.Aries is the weakest team in this league. With 3 straight losses they are on the edge of elimination. Versus Vici Gaming I don’t think they can do anything special. Vici is just a few levels above them on all fields. Vici showed their power in a 2-0 win vs Invictus Gaming yesterday. Interestingly enough, in a match played in March, Aster.Aries won 2-0 against Vici Gaming, but in a series after that which was played in August, Vici took a 2-1 win. Vici needs a clean win here to secure their top 2 placement in the groups and I don’t think they will let Aster.Aries take a map easily.

i-League 2021: RNG vs Team Aster

Team Aster @ 1.47

This should be a match of the day in the i-League. Team Aster is one of the best Chinese teams right now, as they are in very good form going into The International. RNG is not a team on that level yet, but RNG is a team that can surprise anyone. 5 days ago they crushed Elephant with a clean 2-0 result, that was a shocker to everyone. Team Aster is on a 4 match winning streak and they are holding 1st place in the group stage so far. With 4-0 score and 8-2 in maps they are the most dominant team so far in the tournament. They need this win to secure their top 2 placement. I hardly doubt they will let this go to RNG’s hands.