Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 6th

Day 3 of ESL One Los Angeles 2020 - Online: Europe & CIS is coming up. Group A is going into the 2nd match day. Here are predictions and short analysis of Day 3, group A matches.

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6th Apr, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 - Online: Hellraisers vs

Over 2.5 @ 1.95

Day 1 of this tournament brought us a lot of surprises in Group A. showed us they are ready to contest and surprise the best teams in their group. They have beaten Gambit with a surprising 2-0 result. They are currently holding 1st place together with OG. However, Hellraisers gave a good fight to Virtus.Pro in round 1, losing with a narrow 1-2 result on day 1. According to the sportsbooks, HellRaisers are big favourites, but after seeing the vs Gambit match, I would give them an equal chance in this situation. can surely make another surprise here. Over 2.5 maps is a good bet here.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 - Online: Nigma vs Cyber Legacy

Nigma -1.5 @ 1.54

What does this bet mean? It means Nigma must win with a 2-0 result. Is it possible? On the paper, it surely is. However, in the round 1 Nigma lost to a mixed OG team with 2 stand-ins. Nigma were favourites there, but seems like OG with Notail at the helm can’t be beaten easily, even with 2 stand-in players. Cyber Legacy beat Dendi’s B8 2-1 in round 1, but let’s be real, those 2 teams are the weakest teams in the group most probably. Nigma should win this match, and I do believe they can do it with 2-0.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 - Online: VirtusPro vs Gambit

Virtus.Pro @ 1.56

This is most probably the most interesting match of the day in Group A. Two best teams in the CIS region currently are battling each other. I already mentioned how Gambit lost their round 1 match. They played terribly and their opponent crushed them easily. However, VirtusPro took a close 2-1 win vs Hellraisers, and showed that team play is really strong. I do believe in VirtusPro in the long run, and they are slight favourites here vs Gambit in this situation. 3 maps are possible, but I’ve decided to go with VirtusPro money line win here.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 - Online: OG vs B8

OG -1.5 @ 1.48

Let me remind you that in OG’s lineup you might notice that Neta “33” Shapira is standing in for Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zhengto, and Ceb will play instead Topson. And with that lineup, they have beaten Nigma with a clean 2-0. What a shocker. This time, they have a match vs much weaker opponent. Dendi’s B8 teams is not in the top of the EU nor CIS Dota 2 yet. With their new recruit Excalibur, I wonder how quickly they can adapt and adjust their gameplay. Surely in this match vs OG won’t be need time for practice or adjusting. If they don’t pull off some miracle, OG will demolish them. I believe OG will win here, 2-0 is highly possible too.


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