Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 29th

With each day WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: Division 1 is getting more and more interesting. Surprises are happening, broken hero combos are played, and some tier 1 teams are underperforming. However, this makes it even more interesting. It’s time for us to analyse Wednesday matches.

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29th Apr, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: FlyToMoon vs VP.Prodigy

VP.Prodigy -1.5 @ 2.28

Can Virtus.Pro’s academy team continue to dominate their opponents? It’s time for us to find out. VP.Prodigy is on a great winning streak, having 5 wins from their 5 last Dota 2 matches. They are on an impressive winning streak, 5 wins, 0 losses and 10-0 in maps. Really amazing for such a young squad that was put together just recently. FlyToMoon has a decent lineup on paper, but they can’t perform lately. They have only 1 win from their last 5 Dota 2 matches.

In this tournament, FTM are still without a victory (0-3), and VP.Prodigy has one 2-0 dominant win vs Team Spirit. I see a great value here on betting on -1.5 Prodigy handicap, as I think they can win vs FTM easily if they continue their performance from the last days. If you are sceptical about this, it’s understandable as in CIS Dota you never know what will happen and who will underperform. For that reason, a safer bet would be VP.Prodigy ML win with decent odds.

WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: VirtusPro vs HellRaisers

Virtus.Pro -1.5 @ 1.61

I would say that Virtus.Pro’s main team and Team Secret are the best and strongest teams in this competition. Virtus.Pro is on a 5 match winning streak in all Dota 2 competitions, while HellRaisers are on a 3 game winning streak as they are 6-0 in maps in their last 3 matches. This will be a very interesting match. Maybe a match between currently two best CIS teams. However, Virtus.Pro had one small fail versus FlyToMoon, where they’ve managed to lose the 2nd map with untypical mistakes for them.

HellRaisers are 2-0 currently in this league by beating NaVi and FTM with 2-0. But Virtus.Pro is on another dimension and a much higher level team. If they take this match seriously they could take both maps, if they make one mistake, VP will use their errors and capitalize on their mistakes. In that case, a map is sure for the HellRaisers. It’s very hard to pick a right handicap option here, but let’s just say Virtus.Pro are very big favourites, if you can catch decent odds on Virtus.Pro ML victory, take it, as a safer road.

WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: Team Secret vs OG

OG +1.5 @ 1.48

And again, the most interesting match is left as the last one. One of the best teams in the world currently vs 2 time TI champions. What an impressive title, but sadly OG are playing with 2 stand-ins. And in their last game that didn’t look too good. Alliance took their match vs OG with 2-1, but OG had their chances, they just didn’t use them. OG is a team that is capable of doing anything you can imagine, no matter the players, they just have that mentality of the winners. Maybe they have dropped a series to Alliance on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean anything. Now they need to face an even harder opponent, an opponent who has two impressive 2-0 victories vs Alliance and OG.Seed. OG will need to try hard, show a proper effort to jeopardize Team Secret, but I do think they are capable of doing it. OG’s standing player on position 2, Wish-, showed some really impressive plays on Tuesday. Props to him.


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