Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 21st
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 21st

Today we are following 3 series from 3 different DPC divisions.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
21st Apr, 21·☕️ 3 min read

The SEA match with Execration and Fnatic will be the hottest series of the day for the SEA fans. Nigma vs Liquid will face off in the match of the day in the EU region. Here are my picks and predictions.

DPC 2021 Southeast Asia Upper Division: Execration vs Fnatic

Fnatic -1.5 @ 1.65

Fnatic and Execration will face off in their 2nd series of the year. They played each other in January and Fnatic won that series convincingly with 2-0. This will be Fnatic’s first series in this DPC season 2, while Execration already played 2 series. They lost both of the series with a 1-5 map win-loss ratio. Fnatic are massive favourites here, but I wonder if they can take this series in a clean sweep. Opportunity is good, but Fnatic didn’t play any official matches since Singapore Major. We will see in what form they will return to the scene, but I believe they have a high chance of taking this 2-0.

DreamLeague DPC Western Europe Lower Division: Hippomaniacs vs Chicken Fighters

Chicken Fighters -1.5 @ 1.25

Hippomaniacs are the lowest ranked and the weakest team in this division most probably. However, Chicken Fighters are not in their top form. After losing their support from their organization, they still decided to still play together and persuade their professional careers. Their lineup on the paper is good, but they are missing something to go one step ahead. With Charlie and Supreme they should own this series. They have an ideal opponent today to be able to show all they can and that is not easily giving maps vs lower and weaker teams. I predict 2-0 here for Chickens.

DreamLeague DPC Western Europe Upper Division: Nigma vs Team Liquid

Nigma @ 1.70

This is surely the match of the day. I must go with Nigma here. After their amazing series and win vs Team Secret in the last round, it’s hard to bet against them. Yes, Secret is not playing their A game, but still, Nigma showed amazing plays and series. Especially if we take into account that they have a fresh new player, iLTW, who is jumping into w33 shoes. Liquid is an amazing team, but they’ve lost to Alliance in the round 1, with 1-2. Even though I predicted Liquid to win there, Alliance’s NikoBaby was just too strong for them. And that is something it’s very important for this series. Liquid is bad in dealing with top carry players, especially if they are fed too much. And Miracle- will be doing just that.