Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 7th

NaVi and Winstike will surely mark this Friday with their CIS DPC upper division clash. On the other side of the map in the Pinnacle Cup, are facing a decent Chicken Fighters squad.

rand 1919
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6th May, 21·☕️ 4 min read

Pinnacle Cup: Team Spirit vs Level Up

Team Spirit -1.5 @ 1.35

Spirit failed to perform well in the round 1 of the Pinnace Cup. They lost to Hellbear Smashers with a 1-2 score. Now they need to face lower level team Level Up, a team that can be dangerous in certain situations. I think their squad is not built to do big things, so I believe in Spirit here that they can take this match by ease. Level Up lost to Brame with 1-2, but taking a map off them was a success of its own for them. I would be surprised if this match ends in any score rather than 2-0 for Team Spirit.

Pinnacle Cup: Brame vs EXTREMUM

Brame @ 1.35

Brame is playing amazingly lately. All their last matches, 4 of them, went to all 3 maps, so not all were quite easy, but they managed to win the last 2 of them. Taking a map off Nigma and Liquid was a success of its own, but yesterday Level Up showed some Brame’s weaknesses. In this one, I expect Brame to take this series but I wouldn’t gamble with any handicaps here. EXTREMUM is just an unpredictable team right now. One day they are crushing Unique with ease, and another day they are losing to them. Their play is unpredictable even though they have a decent squad. But against Brame I don’t think they can show their A game.

ESL One CIS Upper Division: Winstrike vs NaVi

NaVi @ 1.30

This will be the first series of this year, as they still didn’t play each other. Winstrike is on a 2 match losing streak, as their last matches vs Gambit and Spirit weren’t easy for them. Gambit demolished them and they’ve managed to squeeze a map vs Spirit which is quite good. Interestingly enough, both teams have 2 wins and 2 losses in the upper division, but NaVi has a better map win-loss ratio. I must say that NaVi had a much harder schedule as they already played vs all the strongest teams in the division, while Winstrike still needs to face VirtusPro and NaVi today. It will be interesting, but I think NaVi has the upper hand here, even though their amazing lineup didn’t show anything special lately, and that’s pretty disappointing.

Pinnacle Cup: vs Chicken Fighters @ 1.38 all the way. I said that vs their match vs HellRaisers 2 days ago too, and I was quite disappointed when I watched how HellRaisers crush them on all fronts. 2-0 for HR and’s showed that they are quite vulnerable. They are not the team that used to be at the end of the last and the beginning of this year. Their new player Khezu is not having a good time right now, and I do believe there is still no synergy between those guys. Their clash 6 days ago went to’s favour, and it was a quite easy match for them (2-0). It’s hard to predict if CF can take a map here or no, but they will surely have their chance. ML is the safest option.

ESL One CIS Lower Division: PuckChamp vs AS Monaco Gambit

AS Monaco Gambit -1.5 @ 1.70

I want to believe in this Gambit’s lineup so bad, but every time they are proving me wrong. They look amazing on the paper, but they are just not performing and I’m not sure what’s the problem in that squad. They have one of the best CIS mid players, one of the best captains too and they are fail to perform. Maybe they just need more time. Gambit is a huge favourite here, almost so big that Gambit ML bet is not worth going for. I’ll leave you to make your own choice here, if you want to go with Gambit -1.5 which means 2-0 for Gambit or PuckChamp +1.5, which means PuckChamp taking at least 1 map. Choice is hard, but I somehow believe in Gambit, even though in January they lost to PuckChamp in a direct clash.