Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 12th

Here is a short preview and analysis for today’s best matches in Pinnacle Cup and DPC Europe and CIS.

rand 1919
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12th May, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Pinnacle Cup: Hellbear Smashers vs Level UP

Hellbear Smashers @ 1.54

This will be their 2nd series this year. In the first one Hellbear Smashers took the win with 2-0. However, Hellbear Smashers are in a slightly worse form right now and I expect this series to be a slightly more even compared to the last time. Overall, Hellbear Smashers are still favourites and should win the series, but I wouldn’t gamble if we would watch 2 or 3 maps.

Pinnacle Cup: Team Spirit vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers +1.5 @ 1.83

In the last 2 series HellRaisers did beat Spirit in 3 maps. Both series ended up with 2-1 scores. However, Spirit seems like in a really good position right now. With 3 wins in a row, they need to face the hardest opponent until now in the Pinnacle Cup. HellRaisers lost to Brame 2 days ago, but before that they scored nice wins vs and Unique in the Pinnacle Cup. I think on their best day, they can maybe take a map off Spirit. Nice odds on handicap.

DreamLeague EU Lower Division: Bald Reborn vs Hippomaniacs

Bald @ 1.29

Hippomaniacs are the weakest team here, and I doubt they can parry Bald Reborn. Yes, Hippomanicas can take a map off their opponents here and there, like vs which was a big surprise and like vs Into the Breach, but Bald Reborn has too good and quality players to throw this game. This should be a pure win for Bald Reborn, and if you are ready to risk more, Bald Reborn -1.5 handicap is a good way to go. Odds are amazing.

Pinnacle Cup: PuckChamp vs EXTREMUM


This is a 50-50 series for sure. PuckChamp has an equal opponent here in EXTREMUM. Yes, they faced each other in the last month and PuckChamp the 2-0 victory, but I must say EXTREMUM is playing better and better. They tend to surprise in some matches, and I do believe they can surprise their opponent here. Odds have a big value, as PuckChamp are knocked down in a 5 series losing streak.

DreamLeague EU Upper Division: Team Secret vs Team Liquid

Team Secret @ 1.61

Okay, we didn’t see such odds on Team Secret in a while, especially not in the European tournaments. They are in very bad shape, or in other words, teams started to read their plays and picks and counter it hard. Secret is on a 2 match losing streak, while Liquid is on a 4 match winning streak and with Sumail as standin they are looking really decent. However, I do think there is still too much firepower in Secret and Puppey won’t let go of this series easily. 3 maps are highly possible, but as an overall winner I tend to stand on Secret’s side.

DreamLeague EU Lower Division: vs Ghost Frogs -1.5 @ 1.75 must win this. Even though they don’t look like an old with Khezu, they need to adjust to the new player and gameplay. They are still solid, on a 3 match winning streak, and they are looking to win this lower division for sure. I do think Vikings are a sure winner here, but odds on their overall victory are so low. -1.5 handicap is possible, but let’s be careful here. In their last series Ghost Frogs really put everything on the line and they’ve managed to take a map off Vikings.


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