Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 9th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 9th

The Dota 2 AniMajor playoffs are here. 12 teams will fight for the championship and the grand prize.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
9th Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Today we are watching 4 upper bracket matches. We are back to the best of 3 matches. Here are my first picks and predictions.

AniMajor: Team Aster vs T1

Team Aster -1.5 @ 1.87

Two playoff seeds facing each other in the first match of the playoffs. Aster was the 1st seed from China and T1 as the first seed from the SEA region. In this series Aster are straight favourites to take this best of 3 series. Their form in the Season 2 DPC group stage was unparalleled and they showed that they are one of the best teams in China right now. On the other hand, T1 won the SEA region. Yes, the SEA region is far away from being competitive like China. I do believe Aster ML is a safe and sure bet here, but I believe there is a quite good chance of Aster striking 2-0. Quality difference is big.

AniMajor: Alliance vs PSG.LGD

PSG.LGD @ 1.35

I’m afraid for Alliance here. Yes they won Western European season 2 DPC group stage with a 6-1 score, but this is quite a different tournament now. PSG.LGD is one of the best teams in the world right now, and Alliance will have time to fight the Chinese. As I already said multiple times, Chinese are favourites for this Major too, any of those three CN teams that remained in the tournament. PSG.LGD is without a loss in this tournament, as they scored 4 wins and 3 draws in the group stage. Alliance +1.5 handicap is possible but I wouldn’t give them too much chance. PSG.LGD ML big bet is a good pick here.

AniMajor: VirtusPro vs Nigma

Nigma @ 1.61

Nigma went all the way here. They started in the first stage 1 of this tournament, in Wild Cards. 2nd place there, and 2nd place in the group stages brought them in the upper bracket of the AniMajor. Decent performance overall so far in the tournament. Now they need to face VirtusPro who is a big enigma for me for this tourney. I’m not quite sure how and where to place them. They will do amazingly good or they will drop like a rock. And I feel that the second thing will happen. With good morale and on the wings of good plays from the previous two stages, they are favourites here.

AniMajor: Quincy Crew vs NoPing Esports

Quincy Crew @ 1.38

I think that NoPing are the biggest outsiders here. Surely the weakest team and they are expected to be eliminated fast. Versus teams like Aster, T1 or Quincy Crew in the round 1, they simply don’t have any chance. They are missing all the components for a good run in this tournament, and I somehow don’t believe in them. As winners of the South American region they are placed here, but this is another level. Quincy Crew is one of the best teams in the whole of America and I don’t think they should have any bigger problems vs South Americans here. Quincy ML bet is a good and safe bet here if you can find decent odds.