Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 3rd
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 3rd

Day 2 of AniMajor is upon us. On day 1 we saw eight incredible series, while most of the matches ended up in a tie.

rand 1919
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2nd Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Animajor: Vici Gaming vs AC Monaco Gambit

Vici Gaming -0.5 @ 1.44

Vici are huge favourites here, but they didn’t show themselves on the day 1 of the Dota 2 Major. Three matches, three ties vs Nigma, Secret and Execration. And they still need to play vs Invictus Gaming. Gambit must be their saving grace, as this must win for them if they want to have any chance of advancing on. Gambit with recent roster changes is one of the weakest teams out here. When we take that into account, they did a solid job on day 1. One loss, and two ties are their achievements. This will be a very hard match for them, especially since Vici must go all in.

AniMajor: Invictus Gaming vs Vici Gaming

Invictus Gaming +0.5 @ 1.46

Surprisingly enough, Invictus Gaming is doing quite good even tho they are playing with standin on a support position. Before they lost a player for this tournament, they were one of the favourites for this stage and for Group Stage too. Invictus Gaming played only 2 matches on day 1, 2-0 vs Nigma and 1-1 vs Execration. This will be a pure bloodbath and I expect a tie here. Invictus Gaming surely has a high chance of taking at least a map, and odds are okayish.

AniMajor: Invictus Gaming vs AC Monaco Gambit

Invictus Gaming -0.5 @ 1.51

Chinese teams being one of the best teams in this Dota 2 Major is expected. With Gambit being down by two of their players that they’ve lost 1 week ago, they have a minimal chance of doing good in this Wild Card. Two draws and one loss are their day 1 results, but I don’t think that’s enough since on Day 2 they are facing both Chinese teams. A very hard task is ahead of them, and I believe it will be an impossible task. Invictus Gaming is just a team on another level compared to Gambit’s current lineup.

AniMajor: Invictus Gaming vs Team Secret

Invictus Gaming +0.5 @ 1.44

Really hard schedule for Invictus Gaming today. 3 hard matches are in front of them. But this match vs Team Secret is potentially two best teams in the Wild Card battling it out. We will see how it will end, but I think even with standin support player, Invictus Gaming can be competitive team against Team Secret that are not in their top form. Split of points can happen here too, but I’m predicting for IG to take at least 1 map here. I somehow can’t see Secret taking this 2-0, IG is too good.