Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 17th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 17th

Day 1 of ESL One Summer was very interesting. A few of the favourites fall, and with excitement we are waiting for what will happen on the day 2.

rand 1919
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17th Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

The most exciting matches we will watch in the lower bracket, where some teams will drop out of the tournament already, after day 2.

ESL One Summer 2021: T1 vs

T1 @ 1.57

After doing very solid in the recent AniMajor, Nigma fell apart here. In their first match of the ESL One Summer, they fell to the underdogs. managed to crush them with a clean 2-0 result to advance on to face SEA hope, T1. After finishing 3rd in WePlay AniMajor, T1 is looking to go far in this tournament too. But first they need to take down European hope, It won’t be so easy for them, but they have the upper foot here for sure. Quality is on their side, and I doubt can make a surprise two days in a row.

ESL One Summer 2021: Quincy Crew vs Tundra

Tundra @ 2.35

I decided to go with an underdog here. Tundra is a pretty solid team and they showed that in their first match in this tournament. They crushed Team Liquid with a 2-0 score to advance on. Now they need to face a top 2 team from the North American region, but I somehow wonder how NA can cope with the EU here. Quincy Crew is strong, they showed that at the AniMajor, but some of the European teams style can be unbeatable for them. This can go to all 3 maps for sure, and I think there is a great value here betting on Tundra ML, which means to take a series.

ESL One Summer 2021: Team Nigma vs Team Secret

Team Secret @ 2.05

This can easily be the match of the day. Nigma vs Secret. Kuroky vs Puppey, one of the best captains out there. Who will prevail? It’s a hard question really. Team Secret is just looking lost recently. Their fire is not there, and seems like teams started to read them too easily. Their dominance is non-existent anymore, or they are saving themselves for upcoming The International. Alliance crushed Secret with 2-0 in the upper bracket round 2. On the other side, Nigma surprisingly lost to with the same score. Now, both teams are on the edge of elimination. Loser is going home today as it will be eliminated from the tournament. This can surely be a close series, but I think that Secret can take this on experience, not on their current form, which is bad tho.

ESL One Summer 2021: OG vs Team Liquid

OG @ 1.44

Another big match. OG and Liquid are another two teams that are on the edge of elimination. OG, who just recently did a lineup change, with Sumail jumping in again instead of ana. On the other side, Liquid who played without a miCKe on the day 1 of the tournament. I somehow still believe in OG to take this series, they are favoured by all sportsbooks. Another thing is that they have better players on all positions compared to Liquid. We still don’t know with which roster Liquid will play, as they have had some roster problems recently and on day 1 they played with a standing. So I do think this is a real opportunity to use those changes and insatiable lineup against Liquid. OG has an insatiable lineup too, but at least they have played with Sumail before, even if it didn’t look too good.