Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 20th

Three premier matches will be played today. A Chinese one, followed by 2 big European clashes are on the schedule on Tuesday.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
20th Apr, 21·☕️ 3 min read

DPC 2021 China Upper Division: Elephant vs Sparking Arrow Gaming

Elephant -1.5 @ 1.42

Sparking Arrow Gaming switched their lineup quite a lot this year. They are nowhere the same squad that they were last year. And their last results are showing just that. In their last 5 matches they have 0 wins. On the other side, Elephant fell to average too. But they are still doing good, as in their last 5 matches they have only 1 loss. They are on a 2 match winning streak, vs Magma and Royal Never Give Up. In this Chinese DPC Upper Division, Elephant are currently holding 1st place with 1 win, while SAG are holding last place with 1 loss. And that might be a real picture here, as SAG is surely one of the weakest teams here, and their position shouldn’t change a lot. Elephant are a massive favourite here and I expect them to 2-0 SAG, easily.

DreamLeague Europe Upper Division: Team Secret vs Hellbear Smashers

Team Secret -1.5 @ 1.47

What happened in the round 1 of this DPC division? Secret got outclassed by Team Nigma with 0-2, while Hellbear Smashers got beaten by Tundra Esports with 1-2. As both teams started their group stage run with losses, I wonder what can happen here. Secret is shocked and shaken as they didn’t look too good in their match vs Nigma. However, the difference between those two teams should be measured in miles, even though Nigma beat them. But anyway, Nigma is better than Hellbear Smashers too. This should go only one way. Team Secret winning this is priority, and I don’t believe Puppey will allow jokes and meme plays. Secret 2-0 here is my prediction.

DreamLeague Europe Upper Division: Alliance vs OG

OG @ 1.44

This is a match of the day for sure. Two excellent teams, and all hype will be on this match. Alliance rising in form and OG with ana back in helm sounds promising. This could be a very action packed match, but I do believe all 3 maps are an option here and there is a high possibility for that. Otherwise, I do believe OG are slight favourites here even though odds are kinda low on them. But that’s ana effect, I would say. OG crushed Brame in their 1st match with ana, but Alliance was stronger than Liquid, 2-1. My money is on OG, but it could be a thought series eventually.